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7/22/13 8:08 A

I gave up sugar recently and also cut out desserts made with artificial sweeteners. You're right Becky eating any sweet tasting thing triggers a craving for sweets. Giving up sugar, I lost 8 lbs so far.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/22/13 7:45 A

you're not alone.

I was reading about a similar thing on the 21-Day Sugar Detox site recently, because there are quite a few people who get their cravings triggered by ALL types of sweeteners (artificial or natural). Sometimes gum will even trigger your system to expect food (which is actually a natural response - because you're creating saliva, etc. which your body things is in preparation for digestion

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7/21/13 9:47 P

Thanks Becky! I guess I am one of those lucky ones! :( I have been trying to satisfy those cravings with strawberries and lots and lots of water! Going to go cold turkey! Thanks again!!

7/21/13 9:22 P

There are a few studies that indicate "some" people are really effected by the sweet taste and it brings about cravings for more. Sounds like you might be one of them.

You may need to go "cold turkey" on the sweet stuff for several weeks and get control of the cravings and then try a small serving on occasion and see if your cravings are then less.

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7/21/13 7:50 P

Try not eating the sweet stuff and see what happens. Could it be a mind - over- matter thing?

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7/21/13 5:41 P


I recently noticed that when I have stevia in my coffee or dessert ect... I crave more sweet stuff. If I have something, say at a restaurant and it says no sugar added, but it's sweet, I crave it all the more and want it more. For example, I went to the yogurt shop and they have a yogurt that has no sugar, no fat and is only 45 calories per 1/2 cup! I LOVE it! It's amazing, yes I know it's processed, but it's so good and the calories and carbs are so low. But after I have like a cup of the stuff, I want more. I'm not even hungry, but I really want more.

Does this thing ever happen to you? I'm wondering if there is something in it to make that happen to you? If I go a few days without, no cravings, but when I get it I really crave it afterwards, even after I just had some. Strange!

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