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10/9/10 12:31 A

I'm sorry but you don't know anything. To tell someone to reconsider a Dr who specializes in the condition is very mind boggling.

And yes I do eat actual sugar cane and beets, both can be purchased at Whole Foods Stores. Don't ASSume. It's good you didn't put up any money on that one. It's also "natural" and native to the American and European diet as it has been used for at least 400 yrs in this country alone. Our bodies can adapt to it in that time frame. Stevia on the other hand is "new" to the American Diet and the type that is one the market is far from the natural state. The sugar I use, isn't.

But to argue with someone who doesn't know the slightest about they are talking about isn't worth it to me. Trusting the medical community... 4 Urologists to date or you... Hmmm tough call?!

You keep your opinion, but don't sit there acting as if you the know all , be all in a situation you have only researched. Living and researching are two different things in life. Most adults would attest to that.

10/8/10 6:14 P

Common table sugar, sucrose, is far from natural; but, it is tasty. Sugar beets & sugar cane aren't things you would find in a normal American diet. I would consider agave and stevia more natural that table sugar. The agave and stevia in more natural forms are more palatable than sugar cane or beet. Chewing sugar cane can be fun; but, few find themselves able to swallow the woody pulp. Sugar beets are pretty nasty too.

Because you wouldn't eat it its a foreign substance to the body? I'm willing to bet you don't eat sugar beets or sugar cane in their natural forms.

Absolutely, stevia, agave, and artificial sweeteners CAN cause problems for IC patients. But, so does table sugar, and what causes one to flair won't bother another. Artificial sweeteners are a big problem for many, if not most, IC suffers. But, stevia and agave are no more artificial sweeteners than table sugar. In fact, table sugar is processed more and with more caustic compounds than stevia or agave.

I would run fast from any physician that would suggest anything vaguely similar to, "it's not in anything I would eat, therefore a foreign substance to the body."

I totally encourage all IC suffers to avoid those things that seem to inflame their condition; but, because it bothers one does not mean it will bother all or is inherently bad in some way.

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10/8/10 5:13 P

Agave nectar while it may be "sugar" can still cause irritations. It's not found naturally in most common foods that one would eat. In fact, it's not in anything I would eat, therefore a foreign substance to the body. HFCS is just sugar as well. It still causes issues with ppl who suffer with IC and IBS. All sugars are not created equal for certain individuals. While it is metabolically the same, it can have a different effect on different ppl.

Any physician, including my Urologists would say the same thing...and have.

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10/8/10 4:53 P

I believe that the extract of Stevia being used in commercial sweeteners right now was rushed through the approval process, and I'm not convinced it's safe. I wouldn't use it and I would very much discourage any men in my life from using it.

That said, I really doubt that using it for one day would cause a reaction that very same day, especially if you use other artificial sweeteners without problems. I think the bladder issues are coincidence.

If you absolutely can't see a doctor, there's a home remedy that has been tested clinically and shown to work for bladder infections-- cranberry juice. Try drinking real cranberry juice (not "cocktail"). You can get pure unsweetened juice and mix it with another fruit juice yourself to make it drinkable without diluting it too much. (The cranberry juice cocktail drinks have a lot of water as well as other fruit juices and sugar.) I've only had a bladder issue once in my life, and cranberry juice cleared it up.

But do try to see a doctor, especially if you have had these issues before or if it comes back. Bladder problems can be a warning sign of other health issues, including diabetes. If you have ANY other risk factors for diabetes, bite the bullet and get tested. It would suck to be diagnosed when you don't have insurance, but not as much as NOT getting diagnosed and ending up with serious complications.

10/8/10 4:22 P

I've experienced bladder symptoms with processed stevia as well. I don't have problems with the herb steeped in hot water though. You can grow it in your garden and toss the leaves (dried or fresh) right in with your ground coffee and brew them together.

I suspect it's not the stevia itself; but, rather something in the extraction process of the stuff we find in the store and consider an artificial sweetener that can cause bladder irritation.

10/8/10 3:31 P

While I agree with your points, do note that Agave Nectar is just sugar. it's not a substitute of any kind.

It's pretty much like honey, actually. I love the taste, but you're not losing cals using it.

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10/8/10 3:29 P

I've had this too and not just with Stevia but Agave Nectar as well.

I stick to all natural, real sugar. My bladder doesn't flare (history of IC here) and my foods are enjoyable without odd after tastes. I've never been a fan of sugar substitutes, natural or not.

10/8/10 1:23 P

I so agree with you! emoticon It's "good to know" that others have tried it, and found it to be lacking in overall "goodness."

I've been drinking 8 oz of water an hour...and my bladder is feeling more like it's "old self." HURRAH!

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10/8/10 1:12 P

I've tried Stevia in the past and just found it too sickly sweet...a bit of an aftertaste just like artificial sweeteners. I have tried Splenda and got shin pains, and I just stay away from any artificial sweeteners.
A wee bit of sugar is better for you, I think...

Juice emoticon

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10/8/10 12:47 P

I have also experienced this with Stevia... I totally eliminated all artificial sweeteners/preservatives/etc from my diet BUT there was bronchitis going around my work a few weeks ago so I decided to get some extra vitamin C via a no-cal water additive flavored with Stevia and my stomach didn't really appreciate it either!!

10/8/10 11:31 A

Well, that's odd. Hmmm...I sure appreciate you taking the time to write - it was great to hear from you. emoticon

Still feeling uncomfortable, but I'm determined to get "right" - got a big week ahead (travel and a workshop), and I don't want to miss it!

Enjoy your weekend.

10/8/10 11:07 A

It's pure coincidence, though i don't know why. :-)

Stivia WILL mess with your gastro int tract, if you are prone to that. It's got innulin (or something), that can cause a range of issues for *some* people from gas, to soft stool.

But I've read up on it a lot, and never seen any association with bladders, so i'm guessing it was a fluke.

10/8/10 9:19 A

Just curious. I tried Stevia for the first time today, and coincidentally, had symptoms of bladder irritation or inflammation. There's nothing different in my life at this point - besides the stevia. Drinking lots of water right now, let me tell you - and I'm going to reduce the use of sugar in my morning coffee. No alternatives for me! (I have no health insurance, and a trip to the M.D. for antibiotics can be very expensive!)

Has anyone else had the same issue arise?

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