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1/27/13 10:22 P

I wear a FITBIT. Counts steps AND floors.....Fitbit encourages you to get in 10 floors a day.
Luckily I have several choices to do that besides hiking!

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1/27/13 8:56 P

The key seems to be in the fact that you become more aware of your normal daily activity when wearing a pedometer.
I am always shocked when I look at me step tracker after a 3 mile walk and see that I have over 6000 steps and still won't make 10,000 before the end of the day if I don't leave the house. The steps at the grocery store, mall or work may not be intense cardio but, they certainly are more active than vegging in front of the tv.

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1/26/13 10:35 P

Step counting is a great way to boost your activity level and encourage yourself to move more. While you don't necessarily count the calorie burn from such activities (your calculations here already count for everyday activity) it's great to aim for a goal like 10,000 steps a day or something to encourage yourself to not be so sedentary. :)

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1/26/13 10:33 P


Studies show that those who are more active during the day (we're not talking formal activity, but what the experts call active daily living activity including those you mentioned) are a big source in our weight loss journey. However, keeping track of your steps is helpful, you don't want to track these steps in your cardio fitness tracker (unless some of the steps are part of your formal cardio activity)...the reason, the SparkPeople program factors in an active daily living multiplier when determining your calorie range, so tracking your normal daily steps may hyper-inftate your calories burn figure.

I started wearing a pedometer in October and I love the challenge of getting in my steps.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/26/13 10:29 P

I'd like to get a step counter, but I had a discussion with someone recently about general walking during the day, such as at work, grocery shopping, cleaning house, etc outside your actual work out.

Anyway, she was saying that kind of walking doesn't "count." My point was any activity burns calories. So my question is, is a step counter worth it? Do you have one and does it "count?"

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