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10/2/13 8:05 A

WOO-HOO to the dietitian who referred you to Sparkpeople.

Since you have indicated that the main problem is that afternoon binge, you need to focus on solutions/planning for that time of day.
As others have mentioned:
--a snack can help ease your hunger
--munching on raw veggies as you prepare the meal
--chewing on gum while you prep the meal
--remove all tempting foods that you binge on
--do you need more calories, protein, fiber at lunch to help keep you fuller longer?

your SP Registered Dietitian

NIRERIN Posts: 14,327
10/1/13 5:57 P

if you don't bring a snack for the ride home, make a snack for when you get home the night before. in other words, after dinner tonight, cut up some fruits and veggies that you can grab and eat tomorrow when you get home from work.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/1/13 5:36 P

I find that if I eat lots of veggies and protein it keeps me fuller longer. Drinking a lot of water will do that too...

10/1/13 5:17 P

I usually eat a good snack on the way home from work, that way when I'm home I'm not hungry while I'm cooking dinner. If I'm still starving, I eat a healthy snack. Only take out one serving and place the rest far far away.

I have been eating 250 cal breakfast, 150 cal morning snack, 300 cal lunch, and 150 cal afternoon snacks (usually an apple and an ounce of cheese OR some almonds). That leaves 350-500 calories for dinner, plus more if I am exercising.

After dinner try tea OR brushing and flossing your teeth so you can't eat anymore. (I HATE flossing and having to do it twice is a very big deterrent).

SAHASARA Posts: 358
10/1/13 1:56 P

Step 1 in my "healthy lifestyle change" is to get my eating in check. More often than not I find myself bingeing after work before dinner. This leads to over excessive eating and weight gain or no weight loss. So I talked to a nutritionist and she gave me a guideline. No kidding she said go to and log your food there and eat on the low end of the calorie range it gives you. (She KNOWS SPARKPEOPLE!!! WOOT!) She said if I did that then I would lose weight. So I did that for 3 solid weeks and yes I lost weight (slowly) but then I fell back into old habits. 1) how do I keep myself from falling back into old habits? 2) Keep myself from bingeing? 3) What has worked to distract you? 4) When do the hunger pains go away?

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