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ANGIEM0802 Posts: 6
10/23/12 1:17 P

Thank you! I will check that book out. I think I need to talk to my doctor again as well to see if there is other things going on with me as well.

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10/23/12 1:08 P

Staying on track is one of my biggest downfalls. Today is no different. Where can I find this needed energy to get up and keep busy. Quit grabbing for food or a cig each time I feel stress. Learning how to cope with everyday issues is going to be a must. I will check the book mentioned by VILYL16, Change Your Brain, Change your body. Thanks for the tips.

VILYLI6 Posts: 49
10/23/12 1:00 P

In my opinion, it is not always our fault. It can be simply a hormonal imbalance or lack of a vitamin that causes your brain to crave food and be unable to control eating when stress, etc. hits you. I found a good book called Change Your Brain, Change Your Body by Dr. Daniel Amen I ordered from Amazon that is so helpful in letting me understand WHY I react to food the way I do and WHY it is so hard for me to stick to a diet plan. Personally, I have set an appointment with my doctor to go over all this information to see if there is something I am lacking vitamin-wise or hormonally. Hope that helps. Please add me if you like, I do have the same problem...

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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
10/23/12 12:26 P

This just came out in the Weekly Spark and might have tips, tricks and tools that might help.

Fall Back to Staying on Track

Coach Tanya

ANGIEM0802 Posts: 6
10/23/12 12:24 P

I have a hard time staying on track. I know what I need to do I can do it for a week or so then something happens and I go off then never go back on. I think it's just being lazy on my part. I know I NEED this but..... How to get it in my head to keep going and take care of ME? emoticon

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