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11/18/11 9:12 A

I recommend you speak with your surgeon regarding what you can and can't do. I had a hernia repaired almost 2 years ago and had a great conversation with my surgeon before my surgery. I was able to do most cardio but no squats, lungs, etc for a few weeks.

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11/18/11 8:47 A

I would have suggest you mastered maintenance first, because quite frankly we can't hold your hand in this phase.. You have to be able to keep a cold head because with any surgery there can be a question post surgery weight gain- so it is a question understanding maintenance before you stand in the situation so your ready when necessary to work hard to return to status quo without lossing it..

My surgeon didn't give any suggestions to maintenance he was only interested how long I had kept my weight stable.. So asking the doctor may not give the support you need..

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11/18/11 5:38 A

I hope eveything goes well with your surgery, you should refer this question to your treating doctor and nurses regadring exercise after your surgery and during the healing process. Best of care to you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/18/11 3:14 A

How do you guys suggest someone stay focused on staying in shape with their diet while recovering from surgery? I'm going for a breast augmentation on Tuesday and won't be able to train lower body for 10 days and the rest of my body for about 4 weeks... I'm really scared i pick up weight during the recovery time. I'm an emotional eater and once i start i struggle to stop until I've over done it completely. emoticon

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