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10/17/13 3:23 A

Monolaurin is found in coconut oil.

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10/16/13 9:54 P

Everyone at my work have been passing around a cold/fever/sinus thing, besides me. Not sure if it's because of any of these things, but here's what I've been doing the past 2 weeks in attempts to avoid it:

homemade chicken veggie soup for lunch
echinacea tea 2x a day
daily multivitamin
glass of 100% oj with breakfast

10/15/13 7:57 P

Wow, everyone so encouraging & so many gr8 suggestions!! Thanks, Becky for all your feedback, started 2day 2 aim 4 1400 cals & 60 grms protein!! & thanks, MISSSVJS, going 2 look 4 that monolaurin ASAP!!!

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10/15/13 10:29 A

In addition to the advice here (although I don't get a flu shot - I'd rather build up a healthy immune system and prefer not to put thimerosol and other toxic substances in my body) you might try a neti pot to keep you sinuses flushed out. I don't use mine all the time, but if I feel like I'm getting the sniffles, I start using it a couple times a day and it usually stops or greatly shortens any cold symptoms I'm experiencing. You might want to try it every day during cold and flu season. I also take monolaurin (get it at a health food store); it is a natural antiviral, I take it and oregano oil along with my other supplements, including 5,000-10,000 units of vit. D3 - I rarely ever get sick!

10/15/13 9:29 A

Here is what I do, it doesn't always work.

1) Get plenty of sleep
2) wash my hands frequently
3) eat all of the fruits and vegetables
4) get a flu shot
5) encourage sick coworkers to stay home
6) try to stay on my exercise schedule, if i can't do my regular intensity I go for a walk instead
7) hot showers, breathing through my nose while in the shower. A lot of viruses are sensitive to heat, which is why they live in your nose. Additionally the steam helps moisturize your mucus membranes and the heat soothes sore muscles.

KAMCCLARY Posts: 1,311
10/14/13 10:18 P

Got a flu shot, use airborn, wash hands frequently.

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10/14/13 9:25 P

I personally feel much healthier since eliminating grains and artificial sugars and increasing animal protein.

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,520
10/14/13 6:58 P

I had a creepy crud the other week but I usually don't get the flu or other afflictions.

I eat mainly vegan, I take vitamins, get enough sleep, exercise, eat right, drink teas and water and wash my hands. I keep my hands off my face as well! I don't do flu shots or anything like that because the 2 times I received them I got sick anyway so I see no point to them~

10/14/13 6:49 P

WOW! So glad to hear that you are getting all those veggies daily.
Since you are trying to lose about 10#, you may need to drop back to about 1400-1600 calories daily. Watching the amount of JoBread and JoChocolate will probably be needed (even if they are healthier versions).
I also encourage you to make sure you are getting at least 60 grams of protein daily---this will also help in getting zinc and iron for immune function.

your SP Registered Dietitian

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
10/14/13 2:24 P

I think that the most important things you can do to avoid catching infectious agents are to wash your hands at reasonable times throughout the day (before eating, after being out in public and touching, for example, a shopping cart--be careful about touching things and then touching your face), be careful what you touch and be aware who's around you who might be sick. Cold viruses are typically spread in three ways: fomites, aerosols/droplets and through direct contact with infected secretions (e.g. you help your kid blow his nose).

Upper respiratory tract viruses are commonly spread through fomites, which are inanimate objects that transmit disease (things like door knobs, shopping cart handles, workplace telephones, desk surfaces, those keypads you use when paying your bill at the store, computer keyboards that are used by multiple people, etc.). Cold viruses can linger on these objects for many, many hours after they land there. If you touch one of these objects and it's been infected and then you touch your face (especially your eyes, or put your fingers in your mouth or on your lips), you've infected yourself.

Hopefully, your sick co-workers stay home instead of bringing their germs to work because coming to work sick only makes other people sick and then everyone is less productive and misses more work. It's not a money saver for employers when their employees come to work sick.

When you are around people, watch out for people who are coughing, sneezing, etc. and give them a wide berth. Their coughs and sneezes will make droplets and aerosols that spread through the air...breathe them in and you're infected. Be aware, though, that because aerosols are very tiny particles, they can stay suspended in the air for much longer than you might think and the person could be well gone from the area but their aerosols will still be there... Aerosols can also be carried on air currents and can travel long distances (e.g. they can travel from room to room through air vents/ducts).

Overall, during cold/flu season, it's a good idea to kind of limit your time in crowded stores/malls. I'm not saying to be a hermit, go if you need to go, but...cold/flu season isn't a great time to seek out crowds (especially indoors) for hours of fun.

Get your flu shot. :)

Good overall health is important, but... Cutting stuff out of your diet isn't necessary and taking extra D3 and C isn't going to help you avoid catching colds or even make the symptoms of colds better or make colds go away more quickly.

10/14/13 12:21 P

Thanks so much for your input, DRAGONCHILDE, so encouraging!!

Thanks, too, for your input, Becky, I'd be interested in more suggestions from you!! Thank you so much for checking my trackers, above and beyond the call of encouragement! Lol! Years of doing WW's has put me in the habit of not writing veggies down, as they are zero pts, but just for nutrition's sake I make sure I get a minimum of 8 servings of veggies a day, soups, salads, & a green drink I make from veggies only in my blender....i've also been adding a bit of olive oil with veggies, as i read thats supposed to help immine system, wheat, dairy, & sugar tend to make me feel very congested, I try to avoid them as much as possible... The Jo banana bread is a recipe I worked out on my own, made with honey, spelt flour, & bananas & the Jo chocolate is the same, something I worked out for my sweet tooth, made with honey, cocoa powder & a few drops oil...but thank you for pointing out how much of them i was eating, will definitely start using some of those calories for protein!! I think my frustration with being sick is that it feels like I eat alot of the right foods & still get sick...10 LBS has crept on again in the last few years & I want them gone & that only seems to happen with consistent you see my dilemma! Lol! Thank you so much for checking my trackers again, was really touched by that! I'll watch for any future suggestions!! Jo

10/13/13 4:53 P

I think the best way to boost one's immune system is through food selections, along with exercise, adequate sleep, hand washing, etc.

I took a look at your nutrition tracker. You are very, very low on vegetable intake on most days. You are also low on protein intake most days. Many of your calories are coming in from Jo Banana Bread (up to 5 servings daily) and also Jo chocolate (540 calories). While I'm not sure of what these foods are---I doubt that they are nutrient rich and boosting your immunity.

I would encourage at least 3-5 servings of veggies daily---go for variety; along with your 2-3 fruit choices.
Aim for at least 60 grams of protein with lean beef, pork, seafood, fish, salmon, milk, yogurt, lowfat cheese, eggs, etc.

This is going to give you those nutrients that boost immunity: vitamin c, vitamin A, folic acid, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, etc

Hope this helps--
your SP Registered Dietitian

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10/13/13 4:51 P

MOST IMPORTANT THING: Wash your hands. Frequently. Most infections happen because of improper hygiene.

1) Flu shot
2) Healthy eating (including *natural* sources of vitamins. Our body doesn't metabolize pill forms well)
3) Regular exercise
4) Plenty of sleep

10/13/13 3:44 P

I have one of those immune systems that seems to pick up every cold that goes around...seems like every month or so, something gets me & takes me out of workouts for 3-5 days...really want to stick with exercising consistantly! What are you guys doing to stay healthy this winter??? I've eliminated sugar, dairy, & wheat, & started increasing D3 & Vit C...HELP!!

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