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Good for you!! You are on to the right start and yoga is an exellent workout, if you can focus on the excersize and not the baggage that comes with it. For most people it takes a lot of work for them to keep it down or off, so you are fortunate on that one. I'm thrilled for you that you have decided just to be healthy.
God bless you on your road to long lasting health!!!

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I'm a young mother of one and I have recently changed my eating habits. Honestly, it's been a lot of fun! I see it as a kind of game where I need to balance what I eat for the day. It's a learning experience and it's thrilling! Most of my family dislike that I'm actually tracking calories and other nutrition info because they think that I will lose weight. I'm 116 lbs and I agree that I do not need to lose any weight but I explained to them that I'm eating to maintain my weight and feel healthier. I still feel persecuted but I am staying strong emoticon

Some of my uncles and aunts are suffering from diabetes, strokes, and heart-attacks. I am changing my life-style because I plan on being around for a while. Taking care of your health should be number one on everybody's list. When I was eating junk-food everyday, I didn't tell my doctor at my check-up. He did say that I was very healthy. I am very lucky that I didn't gain weight when I was on my junk-food diet.

It's been tough trying to plan meals. I'm not much of a cook and I like simple meals. For example, Bone-less chicken breast marinated with honey is one of my favorites! I used to sprinkle on some Saltine crackers until I read the nutritional info! Yikes!!! I used too many crackers with that recipe. So, two or three steps to a recipe is great for me! It's tough to find recipes like that. They are so complex...I do not like lime, lemon, spice, and other add-ons. Most foods I push away at the dinner table because I'm a very picky eater! emoticon

I realized that I wasn't eating enough calories and not reaching my protein quota so I boiled some eggs the night before and would eat them the next day with a salad or by themselves for a snack. I soon found out that they contained quite a bit of fat along with the tuna that I was eating for an extra punch for protein. It's all about the balancing act. I'm learning day to day and it's so much fun. I love the challenge

I'm going to join a gym soon and I'm excited about that! I can't do intense work-outs because I have a health problem that restricts me from doing so. I have to do light work-outs. I'm thinking about joining a yoga class!

As a result of being more active and changing my diet, I've been able to find things to help me cook healthy recipes for my daughter but my husband prefers to eat what-ever he wants. He too is blessed for eating so badly but never the less, maintains his weight. I was firm and honest with him about his health and he decided that he would try to add some more nutritious snacks to his diet. He loves to eat my hard-boiled eggs.

I'm so happy that I found, "Sparkpeople" and I'm so excited about life. I wake up ready to eat well and to enjoy my day knowing that I'm taking care of my body. This is honestly fun! I do hate how people look at me because I'm watching my diet but it will pay off and perhaps, they will gain weight and look back wishing that they made the same decisions that I am now making. I haven't noticed until now that I am setting a healthy example. emoticon

This site is not only for weight-loss, it is about learning how to be a healthier person and it's free! I know that it sounds cheesy but I love getting points for the activity that I do on this site. I want to reach the highest level and look back with a smile that I stuck with it.

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