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4/5/14 12:24 P

Hi and Welcome to Sparkpeople! You have come to the right place!

Sparkpeople is full of information, support, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration to help you achieve your goals!

You can do it! Take it one day at a time!

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4/5/14 7:41 A


Sounds like you are on the right track to meet your goal! Keep it up!

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4/3/14 12:31 P

I will be 26 in June. I have a son who is about to have his 5th Birthday this Sunday and my daughter will be 9 in August. I owe it to them and myself to be the best I can be, so I made a commitment to be more active and lose 20lbs by June 4th, which is my Birthday.

I started this journey on Wednesday March 19th, weighing in at 186.4! I am 5'4, so for me, that weight isn't healthy nor does it look appealing. I only weigh on Wednesdays, I don't get on the scale in between whatsoever. I have found this especially disappointing in my past experiences of dieting and exercise... since weight fluctuates so much during the day, sometimes you get overwhelmed with the scale moving so much, so you give up. So my advice; NO SCALES, once a week is enough. Don't become obsessed.

My first weeks weigh in, I lost 4.2lbs and 5 inches!

My second weeks weigh in (just yesterday) I had lost an additional 2.2 and another inch bringing my total to 6.4 pounds and 6 inches GONE! I have 13.6 to go to reach my goal of 20 pounds... and my birthday is just over 8 weeks away... slow and steady... I am going to make it!

How do I do it?...

I log everything I eat right here on Sparkpeople. Literally. Everything. It keeps me on track with my calories. I still eat what I want (EXCEPT sodas and sweets; those have been cut out completely because for me... they make me crave and crave and gain and gain!)

I also joined my local gym and I go during lunch breaks and I also attend spin class two to three times a week after work and Zumba on Saturdays! I also have a 5lb dumbbell at home that I do nightly arm exercises with and sometimes if I'm really feeling ambitious I pop in my Slim in 6 DVD or my Jillian Michaels.

Like I said, my goal was to become more active! My energy levels have been increasing every day. I don't find myself yawning much anymore. I don't need coffee to start my day. I don't need MT. Dew to keep me going... I'm just eating right, watching my calories, and exercising like it is nobody's business!

Hope this post inspires some folks to GET ON TRACK... :)

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