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12/14/11 11:48 P

My tip for you is to find your "trigger". You know, the thing that sets your good choices in motion. Mine is exercise. If I'm working out regularly with good challenges, it is easier to eat right and control my portions and choices. Analyze your reactions when you exercise well, or eat well, or track your meals, or read your articles and see what good action helps you stay on track in other areas of your health goals.

As for the dinner time cravings -- Take stock of what happens during the day that causes you to be so tempted near dinner time--- did you eat enough at lunch, can you try adding a healthy snack before you fall prey to the cravings? Are you drinking enough water in the afternoon? If you exercise before dinner time, are you more conscious of what you eat?

Experiment with different techniques to beat the dinner time bad snacks -- distract yourself with water or a walk or anything that draws your attention away from the craving. Or maybe change up your routine to break the bad habit.

You may have to employ several of these or other ideas to break the habit and build a new good one. Forgive yourself if you slip and keep on trying.

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12/14/11 11:20 P

I exercise no matter what I have to do during the day. It makes me a better mother.

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12/13/11 10:57 P

I've been struggling big time with staying motivated lately. I get up and I'll go to the gym but my work outs aren't nearly as intense or frequent as they had been and then I'll have bad eating habits the rest of the day. According to the scale I've only gained 4 pounds but I definitely feel a difference and it's not pretty. I'm hoping that since my schedule will allow me to return to my Zumba classes next week I can get motivated again. Joining a class you like does make it easier to get to the gym.

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12/13/11 6:44 P

I've been having the same problem with my school's cafeteria food. It is NOT healthy. Even the "healthy" stuff is not healthy.

Problem is a hot or fresh meal looks better coming in out of the cold.

I'm thinking I'll try bringing a homemade tupperware meal and nuking it at school later on this week...hopefully it will help

12/13/11 6:27 P

It seems like I'll wake up in the morning and promise to eat right!
But around dinner time or right after work, I throw everything to the wind and munch down on some high calorie cheese, or junk from the dollar store!
I know we have to take it in baby steps... but anyone have some tips for staying on track eating right and making sure you head to the gym?

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