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5/2/13 11:42 P

Just this once? No problems. If you're way under I would suggest a Greek yogurt to help with your protein, plus if it's full fat it will give you some calories

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5/2/13 9:12 P

Don't forget to factor in how much exercise you've done. If you're exercising a lot, you need those calories.

Also, if this is just a one-day thing, no big deal if you're off. I tend to look more at how my week has gone and kind of average things.

Hope this helps!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/2/13 6:12 P

How far below your range are you?

If you're only a bit below, and it's just a one-off sort of day, then nothing too drastic will happen from not-eating those last few calories - on the flip side there's also nothing much to be gained, either.

If you're way below... eat something. You do need to keep fuelling your body, even as you lose weight. Protein is SO important!!!!!

Whenever I am "a little low" on my calorie intake, I try to look at my nutrition tracker and see what nutrients I am "low" in, and then I tailor a snack towards meeting that need. For me, I seem to be forever low on protein and calcium, so I tend to go for dairy-based snacks (cheese, yogurt). Try and make the food you eat "count" towards your good nutrition.

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CDOWL313 Posts: 54
5/2/13 6:05 P

I ate a good amount of healthy foods today, but I am below my recommended daily amount of calories and protein. Even if I add to my tracker my usual nighttime snack, then I am still under. Is it better to stay under or eat enough stuff later to be within my range?

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