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8/8/11 1:51 P

I sympathize on the small town living-we have only two parks here, and each is a half hour drive from home.

I know summer is almost over (just a few more weeks :-( ) but how about a slip-n-slide? My husband and I host a monthly kids event for our church, and on a whim, we did a backyard fun evening. We had just a plastic kiddie pool, a slip-n-slide, bubbles, and a sprinkler. We entertained kids age 3 up to 15 with that stuff, and they had a blast! Plus, it got every one outside and moving. Seriously, you have not lived until you've seen a 300 pound lady on a slip-n-slide lol!

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8/5/11 9:33 A

Are you crafty at all? There are TONS of arts and crafts ideas online. I'm always saving paper towel and toilet paper roll inserts for that LOL. My almost three year old is happy for hours with blank paper and crayons. My favorite rainy day activity! My oldest likes to play word games like "hangman" with me while the little ones (almost 3 and 18 months) are coloring.

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8/5/11 7:55 A

No pool...I live in a small town...we really have nothing. There are 5+ parks and my almost three year old loves going there, and I do have my grandparents who live on the lake. I didn't think about that. Both of the older kids love to swim, so I will have to make my way over there every once in a while.

Thank you everybody for the ideas! I have some new good ones and some that were right in front of my face the whole time!

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8/4/11 5:14 P

Is there a pool you could take them to? I just spent four hours at our pool with my daughter, niece, and three other kids and lemme tell you-we will ALL sleep well tonight lol!

8/1/11 4:16 P

We got a dual pass to our local zoo and science center. That has something for everyone to do. Also, if you travel out of time most zoos and science centers have reciprocity so you can get in for free at a reduced rate. All of this invovles lots of walking so you and the kids get exercise too.

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8/1/11 4:09 P

I work 1-2 days a week and the rest of the time I am home with my toddler. I've discovered it is an absolute MUST to get out of the house every single day. If there are no programs to participate in that day, then we'll just go to the park or walk around the neighborhood and chat with neighbors and watch birds and such. Sometimes it's boring. LOL other times it's great! I have my daughter signed up for circus classes with a friend and her toddler and that's a fun thing to do to mix up the same ole same ole.

7/30/11 10:19 P

In our area, we have a bounce house that is indoors and air conditioned!!

I meet one of my friends there and we take turns bouncing and chasing the older kids while the other one looks after the baby.

We just do this every other week because of cost.

Another thing my kids love is the sprinkler. I lather everyone in sunscreen, and older girls run through it while me and the baby stay in the shade.

7/29/11 8:08 P

Stay at home mom here too, of almost 5yr old boy, and that's it! Pretty exciting my son shares me exercising with me, but hasn't done as many miles as I have! I have him from Monday thru Friday and his father on weekends. emoticon

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7/29/11 9:41 A

I actually decided to take the kids to the park today emoticon My middle child loves going there even though we have a swingset and all in the backyard. I wish our library had more activities for the young ones...we only have story time on Wednesday mornings. I would be fun to have more activities for them so I might be able to look around a little Thank you for posting and I am still looking for fun things to do...I will share when I find some good ones so you can try them out to!

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7/28/11 3:24 P

I am a stay at home mom too, but I only have two kids. I basically take my boys to the play ground and the library. Our library has a lot of activities in the mornings for preschoolers. I don't drive, so I hear on drivers not being street friendly. Be careful, I use a double stroller, so I can keep an eye on my boys all the time. Hope you get more ideas on activities for the kids.

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7/27/11 2:56 P

I am a stay at home mom to three kids, plus during the summer I watch my friends two kids. I need ideas on how to find active activities for the different ages 3 months to 11 years that we can do during the day. I wouldn't mind something for inside and out. We do walks in the neighborhood, but the drivers on the street aren't very kid friendly and it worries me a lot to go out there by myself with them sometimes. Any ideas are welcome and it will be fun to try some new things!

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