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5/16/11 3:23 P

Vigorous vs moderate intensity is defined in the reference guide to exercise intensity:

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
5/16/11 2:47 P

It is my opinion that what matters is your heart rate and if you feel the bike gave you a challenge or not. It isn't so much a MPH thing

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
5/14/11 5:36 A


Unfortunately, when it comes to stationary cycling, there is both speed AND resistance to be factored in. At low levels of resistance, you can have a high speed and still not be burning much. At high levels of resistance, even a relatively slow speed can be an intense workout. That's why HR is a better indicator.

But even if your bike doesn't have a HR monitor, just stop for 20 seconds and check your pulse manually - you'll soon get an idea of how hard you should be working.


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5/11/11 9:50 P

I really wish SP would put speeds or something on there. My bike doesn't have a HR it has a spedometer/kilometer per hour. So at first I was putting it in on cycling 20 mph or higher burning tons of calories then the let down of finding stationary bike on the fitness menu hmmm so I didn't burn as much as I thought but this moderate to vigorous thing is irking me. I can keep it at 20mph for 10-15 minutes no problem and I guess I consider this moderate. Can't tell by my sweat cuz I sweat while doing anything remotely "workout like". So I say all that to say this...I've now worked my way up to 20 minutes, I do 5min 20mph then 5min at as fast as I can go which btw is like 28mph and then switch again. If by any chance someone knows that keeping it at 20 mph for 15-20 mins is vigorous please send me a message. While I don't want to overestimate I don't want to underestimate either. Thanks.

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10/8/10 11:02 A

The bike i use has a hr monitor on it, and has levels of intensities. I for my age (age, 30) it considers a hr of 123-138 in the "fat burn" category, and anything over 138 to be high intensity. I say it's vigorous when I go anything over 150-180. Technically it could be over 138, but I would rather under estimate than over estimate.

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10/8/10 10:42 A

I think the main reason why I don't use vigorous is because I worry that I'm not actually vigorous and I rather underestimate my out calories than overestimate and think, ok now I'm done for the day and hey, since I did so well today, I might as well take it easy tomorrow! and use that as an excuse to slack off, which is a constant worry for me.

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10/8/10 10:36 A

I ride a stationary bike every day at home, I am dripping with sweat when I am done and I don't sweat easy unless I am mowing the lawn and it's 96 degrees. So I count it as vigorous.

10/8/10 9:42 A

i go with moderate...

just checked up on this....the max heart rate for a 35yrs old is 220 - 35 = 185...

getting your heart rate to 70 percent of the max qualifies as a rate of 130 BPM for a 35 year old is vigorous....

Is this right?

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10/8/10 9:25 A

I've been wondering this too. With walking I can count (a certain number of steps per minutes means a certain speed, so that's easy) but I've not found anything like that for biking. And the meter thing on my stationary is completely broken due to children activity, so I can't use that as a base either. I've been logging it in as moderate, but perhaps it isn't.

I should try and look that up.

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10/8/10 8:31 A

I too just started a stationary bike, in my living room. The speedometer does not work. After about 10 min it is a little hard for me to speak, so I consider that vigerous.

I just log the time on SP

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10/8/10 6:41 A

Probably your heart rate is the best guide - up to 70% of your maximum heart rate is moderate, beyond 70% gets into the vigorous range.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,755
10/8/10 6:10 A

I think it depends more on what's a challenge to you. If you're working at a high intensity level and it's very challenging, I would consider it to be a vigorous workout.

Coach Jen

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10/8/10 12:37 A

This is just a funny, but when Danny DeVito was making the movie "TWINS" with Arnold S. he said that Arnold brought along a Semi Trailer to the movie set with all his Gym equipment in it so he could work out. He said he went in to talk to Arnold about a scene and Arnold told him to get on the other exercise bike, as Arnold was on one. Danny said "He had it set on about 30 and mine was set on "1" and I couldn't keep up with the guy." emoticon

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10/8/10 12:35 A

sound vigorous to me. Don't quit.

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10/8/10 12:29 A

I have been using the stationary bike at the gym and logging the minutes daily.

My question is this: What is considered vigorous or moderate.

I average 11 miles in 30 minutes and have done 16.5 miles in 45 minutes. Is this vigorous or moderate?

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