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MSANITAL Posts: 8,060
12/2/12 7:41 P

Thank you so much everyone for the advise and suggestions it really had shead some new light on my journey which I am really going to put in to works
Thank you again,

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12/2/12 10:08 A


Congrats on the weight loss! You've already beat a lot of odds just getting to where you are now. That's incredible and you should take a bow. : )

I find that so much of losing weight / keeping up good habits takes place in the head first.

If I start to dip into the doldrums, I peruse the Woo-Hoo boards, or the motivational section on Daily Spark, or read success stories / watch success videos.....all those seem to pump me up.
I think psychologically, it's just good for our minds to read / see others achieving what we want to achieve. It shows it can be done.

Another thing: encourage & cheer on other members (on the Woo-Hoo boards, on their Sparkpage, etc). Participate in their success. We all like encouragement & high-fives, and by giving those, you reinforce the positiveness of this whole (never ending) journey.

And if this journey is forever, you've got to make it positive in order to sustain it!

Good luck to you!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
12/2/12 9:30 A

Just a note of encouragement! Remember why you started, what all you have accomplished in your three years, and then take it hour by hour! Day by day!! Make the right choices and give yourself lots of kudos for all that you have accomplished!! All the best - Kathy

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12/2/12 9:08 A

Hi Anita,

You are not alone. This happens to almost everyone, but when you focus on making as many healthy choices that you can, you can get through the tough times and come out the other side no worse for the wear.

You may not be able to get to the gym for an hour, but a 10 minute walk can be just enough to raise the serotonin so that you keep your cravings in check. Choosing foods that you can't/don't eat at any other time of the year over those you can eat anytime may help you keep things in check.

As Archimedes pointed out, you don't have to have an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to healthy living. Remember too, that you do not have to have a perfect life to have a healthy life.

Be strong!

Coach Nancy

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12/2/12 6:20 A


Even though you're a long time Spark member, I'm going to give you a piece of advice that I give to all new members and it's this,"don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing that you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

You can't beat yourself up for being human. You've made excellent progress these last three years. As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for all the positive things you do for yourself and don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

If you find your motivation slacking, then you have to think about what is different in your life today, that wasn't there last year or the year before. I'm a firm believer that stress IS a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person can reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline. Emotional eating can reek havoc on even the healthiest person.

If you have been under a lot of stress recently, then you do need to find ways to decrease that stress. Lowering your stress and anxiety really will impact your waistline.

Also, perhaps you're bored with your routine. that happens a lot on a long journey. So, if you've been doing the same exercise routine day after day after day, then it's time for a change. try a different class at the gym. try a different DVD. How about a challenge ? Have you ever considered doing a 5K ? If you don't like running, you don't have to run. You could do a 5K charity walk instead. It's something that will challenge your body and give you some purpose.

Weight loss isn't about self control or will power. It's about making healthier (not necessarily perfect) choices. So, do your best to make healthier choices when you can and don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect.

MSANITAL Posts: 8,060
12/2/12 5:58 A

I have been with Spark for almost 3 years I am very close to the 100 lb weight loss mark, I have used all of spark tools, and still do... and of course I live by the food tracker..
my problem right now is that I feel my self slacking.. I don't want to put the blame on the Holiday or work or, stress or what ever it is what it is..
it seems like I am not ....... stick enough with my self or self control enough when it comes to making choices whether it is with food, working out or weighing or measuring or drinking a lot of water.. it seems like I am doing it (excuse the expressing) "half @ssed" and I was not or never like that in the beginning...
any suggestions?

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