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DAWNLOGA Posts: 242
10/9/12 1:32 P

Hi Ryan!
Love your name - so much that I gave it to my son when he was born!
Good for you for wanting to make changes and for reaching out for help. A great place to start is with the nutrition trackers on this site. I had no idea how much I was eating until I started tracking it. What a wake-up!
You mentioned needing a job, so I figure you're on a tight budget. How about a YMCA? I know they have scholarships and reduced fees for people with lower incomes. Then you could do exercising in the pool and your knees won't hurt so much.
I started in June tracking my food and walking - mot much, becasue I couldnt' do much, but around the block. Now I can walk 2 miles in 40 min or less! And I started at a weight of 190 and I'm 54 y/o, so if I can do it, you can do it!
You feel free to sparkmail me anytime for tips or support. I found walking to music really helps - I subconsciously try to keep the beat, so I got some fast songs on my daughter's old iPod. And watch the sodium - its amazing how much you can lose just thru water weight.

Good luck to you - let me know how you're doing!

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,463
10/9/12 10:58 A


N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/9/12 6:04 A

Congratulations on your decision to make a significant change in your life to add enjoyment, and add to quality of your life.

The weight did not come on fast, and it is not going to go off fast. If your diet and exercise changes cause you to lose 1-2 pounds a week, you will be doing great. That is reasonable and manageable.

Read articles on SP and learn about how to eat for best results and how to incorporate exercise into your program. As for exercise, it can cost next to nothing so money need not be a problem for you. Since you can walk, do it. Read posts below about doing what you can, as you can, every single day. If you can walk for 5-10 minutes, then do that 3-6 times daily. Gradually ( not ASAP) you will discover that you can get so that you can walk 30 minutes twice daily.

Start looking for new or used DVDs or Videos online or at Thrift Shops or in stores to learn how to stretch. Begin to add stretching to the walking and chair exercises as mentioned in previous posts. Being more flexible than you are now will make it easier to do exercises.

Try to find someone in your area to do it with you. Try to find someone to be an accountability partner. It matters not what size they are, or their fitness level, but it does matter that they are supportive and accountable. It helps if they have similar fitness goals, but that is not necessary. I prefer someone of my own sex, but even that is not critical. This person can be tough for find for many reasons and a psychologist could probably write a book about it! It takes being somewhat extroverted to go to people and ask if they will hold you accountable to your goals. Shared goals are best, but not necessary.

There are many great articles on SP website that I'll stop now. Read those instead. Read the inspirational pages for ideas and encouragement! I hope something written here helps! Best to you in your endeavors.

PSHAW46 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/8/12 7:26 P

You have lots of company on this site. Good luck!

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/8/12 6:41 P

welcome Ryan......... emoticon use all that sparks has to offer. that will help you a lot.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
10/8/12 5:46 P

Hi there. Welcome to Spark and congratulations on getting started on the path to a healthier life.

There is lots of information here and support for you. In particular, you'll be able to find ideas for starter workouts, including free short videos, on the website.

If you feel comfortable doing a bit of walking, that's a great way to start exercise. Even doing 10 minutes a day (in 2 5-minute segments) if 10 minutes feels like too much initially is a good way to start. Work your way up gradually to 30 minutes. You can walk outside, or even just walk in place in your house. (Leslie Sansone has some DVDs called "Walk Away the Pounds" that involve walking indoors. You could check the library or Amazon for a used copy for a few dollars.

If walking is a bit too much for you right now, do a search on Sparkpeople for the "Chair Exercise" team. There are people on Spark who are limited to exercise from a chair and they do aerobic exercise this way. They can point you to some resources.

As for "diet food", you don't need fancy or expensive special foods to lose weight. Start by just recording what you already eat in the food tracker, to get a sense of how many calories you consume and the nutrition content. Then after a week or so, start exploring how you can make small changes in what you eat to reduce calories and increase the nutritional value. For example, substitute water for soda (1 glass per day, then 2, and so on) and replace that soda with a piece of fruit. If you can spend some time preparing your own food, it won't be expensive (and if you don't know much about preparing your own food, you can learn about that, too, here).

If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to read online the 4 phases of the Spark Diet to help you get started. Then go to the Community section of the website and have a look at the different kinds of Spark Teams. For example, if you search for a team with "budget" in the team name, you'll probably find a team that is also trying to live a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget, and they'll have great suggestions for food and exercise.

You can do it, and we'll be here to support you!

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10/8/12 5:44 P

Hi Ryan,

Remember losing weight is a result of the habits we incorporate in our lives, therefore, it may take some time to lose the weight. But the reality is, that when you make healthy living your way of living, amazing things happen. Note that I did not say you have to have a perfect life to have a healthy life, so allow time for the changes to happen.

Coach Nancy

EEJAYBEE Posts: 261
10/8/12 5:38 P

Most weight loss is down to what you eat, not exercise. So you should start seeing results just by using the SP nutrition tracker. And SparkRecipes is good, too- you can put in the ingredients you have and it will come up with a recipe. As far as exercise goes, you could try some seated chair exercises- there should be some on this site, or if not, look on google. Even just doing stretches/resistance work builds muscle, which then burns more calories. Good luck!

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10/8/12 5:17 P

Hello I'm Ryan and I need to lose 80 pounds. The bmi says I need to lose 100 but I don't want to be a stick. Anyway, I'm way out of shape. I can't stand in one spot for more than 5 minutes without getting in pain in the knees, feet and lower back. I can't do any running and just walking for some time will tire me out. I need to lose weight asap. I want to know what are some good starter workouts that I can do. Also, I'm counting calories and eating less. I don't have hardly any money as I'm trying to find a job, so I can't buy the expensive diet stuff. I really would appreciate any advice.

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