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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,527
10/21/13 1:09 A

You need to take care of your HEALTH now more than ever. Don't quit.

DELLA81156 Posts: 201
10/20/13 5:03 P

We are always starting over but I like to think I take

a break and when I have stopped,
I get back in the game. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SHERI46 Posts: 227
10/20/13 3:16 P

As my personal life deteriorated so did my eating habits. I have gained it all back plus some. The only thing I was doing was tranquilizing myself with food. Personal life still in shambles but I have now realized I have to worry only about myself. I thought I had learned this before..but I fall right back into bad habits when things go to H..... I am important I watch my special needs grandson, I have let my health go to H....right along with my personal life.

This time I will be important and not worry about how I can always make things better for others. Except for my grandson everyone else can fend for there own needs.

Just needed to get this off my chest. Didn't mean to be a downer. I am usually upbeat again being happy so no one else if upset.

Now for my new start!!!!!! emoticon

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