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4/22/13 3:10 P

As far as recommiting track everything. Also take a good look at your foods and see what needs changing.

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4/22/13 3:02 P


Also, a really great read is the preview of the "Spark Revolution". Just click the link at the top right of the page and they have a free preview. It's very inspiring :)

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4/22/13 1:11 P

Answer yourself this question-- and I mean to honestly answer yourself this question-- why are you on this journey? It is so not enough to say that you want to lose weight or get fit. Those are fine to a point, but after a few weeks of hard work and nothing to show for it, the reason is quickly forgotten and you tend to go back to your old ways.

I was a lazy butt. I would so much rather sit on the couch and eat my way through oreo cookies, m&m's and chips then wash it down with tons of diet coke watching a zillion hours of tv. I tried every diet gimmick. I tried just about every small exercise machine on the market and nothing worked. My PCP even scared me by telling me I had high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Unfortunately though it did help me make some changes, I still was a mess.
About three years ago, I went to a health makeover at the gym. I listened to what these doctors had to say and i took the free exam. My spine was a mess. I had scolisis in my lower back, my neck was at the wrong degree, I was on three different medications, my HDL was extremely low. After he scared the bejesus out of me, he told me he could fix it, but it would take some changes on my part. He told me about the 5 essentials-- maximized mind, maximized nutrition, maximized oxygen, maximized nerve supply and minimized toxins. I figured he could really help me with two of those- minimizing toxins and maximizing nerve supply.
Mind you, i was a WW member so I figured I had the diet down, I was seeing a personal trainer so i figured i had the oxygen down, and i had no clue what he meant my mind, but I was there so I felt that was enough.
Several weeks later, i began hearing all these success stories from other patients. I started feeling down and he noticed. He took me aside and asked me one question-- Why are you here?
i looked dumbfounded. Didn't he see my x-rays? But he got to his point quickly-- What do i want? I answered to lose weight and get fit. He said not enough. That is what you have wanted for years-- how is it working for you?
Think bigger-- I want to get off the meds. he nods- better. But think some more-- I just found out I was becoming an aunt for the fourth time-- I wanted to be there for my nieces and nephews. i want to show them what healthy is. I want to run around with them, take them to the park, go shopping with them, romp in the water with them.

I certainly can't do that wheezing, breathing heavy and getting tired all the time. I made lots of changes in my lifestyle. And all I have to think of is these 5 beautiful faces (soon to be 6) and keep on doing the healthy choice.
I am not on the straight and narrow all the time. I am human. i do have my lazy days every so often. But it is more important to me to be healthy. I don't do it FOR my nieces and nephews. I do it BECAUSE of them. They are all the motivation I need.
Sure it's nice to see a quote or a motivating picture every now and then, but my greatest motivation is seeing that chubby bald 1 year old waving to me over the internet.
Now you just have to find yours.

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4/22/13 12:27 P

This weekend I realized that I've totally fallen off the wagon health and nutrition wise. I run 4 times a week and strength train 3 times a week. I just recommitted myself to not phoning it in at the gym. But as far as what I've been putting into my body, it's all been terrible. Cereal is my kryptonite and I've probably had 7-8 boxes in the last 3 weeks alone. I basically feel like I've been eating out of boredom. My motivation and weightloss has stalled.It got easy and then I just stopped caring as much. Today I've decided to recommit to my goals and sparkpeople. I'm going back to the basics.

Does anyone have any tips, articles, or food/fitness blogs for motivation??

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