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3/20/13 5:16 P

Thank you for the welcome! I hope to find a lot of ideas on here for fixing small snacks that I can take with me throughout the day. My mother often treats me to lunch at fast food places or the office snack bar. I'm trying to get away from that. :)

BILL60 Posts: 961,780
3/16/13 7:00 A

Welcome to SP and good luck on your journey.

3/15/13 7:22 P

First off Welcome.. Spark it a great place and you will find lots of help here. Like others I would try a find a few SparkTeams with similar interests. They offer a lot of support. I hope you could find a small way to make time for yourself. I agree with finding meals you can make in bulk or even look up crock pot meals you can freeze everything in a bag , dump in the crock pot in morning and have a healthy supper when you get home. This would mean putting some time aside to do it , but I have done up to 10 days at once.. took me about 2 hours of planning ,a hour of shopping and about 4 hours prepped.. but it is so nice to just pull dump and be done when it is crazy. Anyway best of luck on this journey.. Eating healthier would help you feel better with all that you have going on. emoticon

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
3/15/13 7:04 P

Hi and welcome. So glad you are here to make a change. First let me say WOW you are way to young to have all these problems! You need to find a way to slow down, you should be getting 7 hours a night, with the sleep you get your is not going to perform at is best and it will be very hard to lose any weight. With that said, look at recipes see if you can cook in bulk and freeze for meals. Also join teams, maybe ones with crazy schedules or with some of the same problems. Teams are good for motivation, support and accountability. Good luck on your journey.

TAMI1691 Posts: 4,444
3/15/13 6:50 P


you certainly have a lot on your life plate at the moment.
use this place for information and ideas.
being out of the home so much you need to have handy healthy foods to have with you so that you can pack your lunch etc as often as you all helps.

BOJAMASHELL SparkPoints: (2,010)
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3/15/13 4:45 P

Last year, I lost 45lbs, but since then I've gained 25 of it back. Since I'm new to Sparkpeople, I thought I'd introduce myself. I am 28, married for 10 years, and have 3 children. I work full time and I'm in nursing school full time to become an RN. Ever since I was accepting into the nursing program last fall, I've been eating out a lot, eating junk, and not getting enough exercise because I have way too much studying to get done. I work 5 days a week, have class twice a week, lab once, and have clinical rotations on the 2 days a week I don't have to work (the weekends). So I'm getting up at 4am 7 days a week.

I've been extremely tired lately, having more headaches, and emotional binges. While I consider myself lucky to not have been diagnosed with diabetes or high cholesterol or something, when I start adding it up, I am killing myself. I've had my gall bladder taken out (which might have been prevented), I have 2 bulging discs in my lower back, a heel spur, bursitis in both knees, depression, and my doctor says I have "stress overload" which has symptoms of ADHD. Going into the field I want to work in, helping people with their health, I realize that I really need to take care of my own. I think most of my medical problems can be solved by making healthier lifestyle choices. I need to set a positive example for my children and I just know I'll feel better overall and can literally breathe easier.

So, my long term goal is to lose 130lbs and run a marathon. I participate in a 5K every year, but it's non-competitive and I mostly walk it. I want to develop a taste for healthy foods and crave exercise. I do have a very demanding schedule, but I've got to do something! I look forward to making friends on here that is going to help me along my journey and someday I hope to be one of the people whose story is shared to inspire others!

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