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1/30/13 12:46 P

There is nothing wrong with "do-overs" -- each time gets a little easier and each time you are a little stronger.

AMR6665 Posts: 449
1/30/13 12:30 P

Welcome to Spark, and take it from someone that has started over and over, this site helps! The support is amazing and the ideas people come up with to help situations we face are great.

One idea for you, you say you end up picking from what you fixed the kids and your husband; have you tried excusing yourself from the table when you are done? Go to the kitchen and put away any food that is leftover from their meals, so you aren't tempted to pick. Just a thought. emoticon I have a really hard time in the compliment department as well, I had a old therapist of mine suggest you sit down and write three things you like about yourself, and tape them to your bathroom mirror, or the back of a door, someplace you see everyday, and say them to yourself, (out loud if no one is around, or in your head if they are around). I know over time, I have gotten better with it, not great, it's a work in process; just like this healthy eating adventure.
One more idea, what if you had one meal a week that was something you eat, fix it, put it on the table and see what happens. Spark has thousands of recipes that you can look at that take food that wasn't really healthy, and turns them into something that is good tasting and healthy. Again, just a thought.

Feel free to email me if you want to chat, or if you just need another smilie face emoticon


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1/30/13 12:28 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/30/13 12:15 P

Hi! Welcome to Spark!

I used to feel that way about mirrors,, not so much. I've forgiven myself and decided to learn to love myself enough to make taking care of myself a priority. It is rough sometimes because I didn't grow up that way! I was taught to put myself last. I still catch myself saying negative things but then I try to do, say, listen to or read something positive. I have Bipolar II so I am always dealing with depression on some level.

It's hard when you eat one way and your family doesn't. Are there any slow cooker recipes they like? That way maybe you could fix something for them and have leftovers so you wouldn't have to cook for them as often. Plus, you would save on the electric bill, too! :-)

Learn to love yourself. Look for something you like about yourself. Maybe you have a great smile. That's a positive! This site will give you tremendous support and tools you can use. Reaching out for help takes courage. But you did it! Reach out to others on here and they will respond. Feel free to message me.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!

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1/30/13 10:18 A

I always say on Monday morning that this will be the day and I do good for about day to a day and a half and then find myself binging on something that is ridiculous. I am 6 foot and 230 pounds! I don't enjoy seeing myself in the mirror - it disgusts me! I have had 3 boys in a matter of 13 years and I never used to worry about my weight before that. Since having my children and I think I have tried every diet approach that there is. I am a pretty active person and enjoy exercising but my downfall is that I love food! I enjoy cooking and when I cook healthy I find that my husband and 3 sons don't like what I fix so then I make something for them as well and find myself picking at it as well as what I ate. I know what I need to do but I also know that I need to be accountable to somebody else. I am terrible about complimenting myself and I always put myself last. I read about SparkPeople in a magazine and I hope this community can help me stick with my goals and help me to succeed.

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