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SO here I am, 29 years old the Mother of a 3 year old and I have been heavy since 22 when I started putting on weight, I used to be 145 (155 at the heaviest) My Fiancé of the past 9 years and I have lived together all that time, we have put off every year getting married due to finances and both our weight. (we keep saying we are waiting for the perfect time but I guess that is not realistic) SO here we are we finished out the end of last year 2011, saying we wanted a winter wedding a month before our ten year anniversary, that puts us at Dec 10th 2012. He has to lose weight and I have to lose weight, we are much more health minded I think that in our youth, so we should be able to manage this, but I get depressed a lot by the idea of getting my hopes up and not being able to have the wedding of my dreams, since I only plan on doing it once in my life...which is why I waited so long in the first place...(long story there involving heartbreaking family divorces that also have affected me for the long run) Anyways...All the rest of that aside I am looking for Motivation and like minded people who can relate and also anyone I can check in with regularly about my goals and theirs and Motivating LOTS of Motivating!! :) well Happy New Year to you all and hope to really hit the floor running this time and keep up the Momentum.

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