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9/21/12 8:51 P

Ok I'll do that. Thank you. I usually do 20-30 minutes of low impact aerobics 5 days a week, and then strength training three days a week as well. I'm gonna adjust my calories to consume to around 1400 rather than 1200 and see if thats more doable for me. I cant believe i let myself get back to this point after all my hard work before losing nearly 100 lbs. But at least i'm finally doing something about it and i know i can.
Thank you all for the advise.

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9/21/12 5:10 P

here is the thing, if you entered in the same info, then you should get the same ranges. the fact that you're not getting the same output means that one of your inputs isn't the same. so you need to compare to see which one has the incorrect info, change it, and then use that range.
if you've been at the lower end of the 1200-1550 range for a bit, work your way up to the top end instead of doing it all at one go.
also, you have to remember that the calories burned goal is something you should set to what you do in a week. don't use whatever the system spits out for you. you've been tracking a few weeks, you have an idea of how many cals you burn a week through exercise on average, that is what that calories burned number should be. you have to remember that the calories burned is an input and you need to keep it accurate to what you are doing, not using some random suggestion.

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9/21/12 3:13 P

Goodness no, keep your existing account if you can get into it. I WISH I could access my old account, but like ShakeUpTampa, I forgot the username and stopped using the old email so could not do a recovery. My old account had tons and tons of exercises favorited that I'm slooowly digging back out of articles. The recipes saved! I want them all back and only remember a handful. In the food tracker, all the nutrition labels were already in there, but now I'm entering from stratch. Been working to re-enter everything for a week now and am still nowhere near where I had it set in that old account.

Don't dump all that hard work, just reset your goals and pick up again!

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9/21/12 12:39 P

I don't see why you would need to use a new account at all? Just re-update your weight goal, fitness, and it will adjust the nutrition for you. I made a new account because I stopped using the email associated with mine in the past and couldn't get back in with the passcode lol. Either way you will work towards your new goal with the outline set out for the weight you are now and goals you set.

9/21/12 12:08 P

Short backstory story first to explain my question...I've been using spark off and on for several years. I lost 98 lbs when I first started and edited my nutrition and exercise to change my recommended needs accordingly. Since then I became pregnant, and pretty much became sedentary. Now about four years later i have unfortunately gained back almost all of it. i want to start again. (I'm back to 274 lbs)

My question is this, ok I have been going by the old recommended numbers for five weeks, basically picking up where i left off at when I was 182 lbs. Its been a huge struggle but I have managed to lose 8 lbs. Today i went in and reset my goals using my current weight and goals and all that, however my calorie and cardio recommendations didn't change very much at all.
So I signed out and created a whole new account, entering all my current stats and goal weight and everything. The recommended calories to consume are considerably higher and calories to burn through cardio are considerably lower in the new account.
Which one should I use? I'm afraid if I switch to the new one after following my old one for five weeks that I wont continue to lose weight. And at the same time its so difficult to stick to the old plan that I'm afraid i'll get frustrated and give up and I certainly don't want that either.
Old account recommendations (after resetting) - consume 1200-1550 calories/day Burn 900/week.
New account- consume 1590-1940/day and Burn 910/week

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