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10/16/13 10:45 A

every day is starting a new day. A different day entirely. No two days are alike. So go for it and decide . " Today is the first of this day" No other day like it. You can start with a new outlook each day. Find something to do that will benefit you. Start out with the right mind frame. You can do so much each day. emoticon

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10/16/13 10:41 A

I moved try living in a different state. I only know one person here..but its not enough.

The holiday has turned into now trying a new job..its a great company..
I am a healthy eater but I suffer from chronic health conditions such as fatigue and chronic tension and stiffness in my body.

whatever I have antidepressants and therapy have not helped. I continue to take my vitamins too.
someone with severe fatigue and discomfort in the upper back..what exercise would you recommend to start with..slowly..and which foods should I be avoiding to avoid. which fruits are better for me..i try avoid acidic things.

For example with yoga ..such as the downward door.. it putts so much pressure on my shoulders and upper back..i cant do it.

my body feel stiff so much..what do you suggest?


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