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ONMYWAY1949 Posts: 2,001
4/9/09 8:34 A

Very well said. When you put it this way it seems like we should all be able to do it. Thank you. emoticon

NANABUG3 Posts: 2
4/9/09 8:32 A

thanks for the encouragement.I need a boost to keep me interested once I get started. I have started and am goint to a tai chi work shop next week. We are finally getting some sunshine & warmmer temps,that helps lift my spirits.
Thanks again,

10285115CS Posts: 3,120
4/9/09 8:31 A

everyone has a routine. may be a boring routine, but you have one.

the key is what is in your routine ?

DEBMCG Posts: 6
4/9/09 8:29 A

I got "out of the routine" of doing yoga twice a week at 5:30am. Now it is near impossible to get back into that routine.

SJESSUP7361 Posts: 83
4/9/09 8:26 A

I just printed it, too :o) The message is just what I needed to hear today and I will keep it for other days when I need to focus on my goals.

SPARKLESSENCE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,405)
Posts: 2,535
4/9/09 8:22 A

Same here, WESTER. I need a routine because I have some painful conditions which make exercising not so much I've got to always do it at a regular time.

WESTER44305 SparkPoints: (7,745)
Fitness Minutes: (1,872)
Posts: 183
4/9/09 8:20 A

I have realized that once I have a routine, it's not that difficult to stick to. But once I've fallen out of the routine, it's very hard to get started again. I am getting better about it though!

SANDY1301 Posts: 83
4/9/09 8:20 A

Kind of funny that this came up on my email this morning. I have gotten started and doing well but after 1 1/2 weeks It is like I am tired of this and shouldn't I be done yet (I have over 100 lbs to lose) I have to remember that I am doing a lifestyle change and the weight lose is just a benefit. I have to give it more time to make this a habit not a chore. It is still very hard though. Thanks for sending that.

CATHY2818 Posts: 6
4/9/09 8:17 A

emoticon ... is my chosen exercise and I need to change up my route everyother day or I get bored. It can be a chore but that is when I find a partner to motivate me out the door.

4/9/09 8:14 A

I think that I have been doing well I am starting out slow and not beating myself up if I can not finish

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TWTILDA Posts: 6
4/9/09 8:03 A

I just printed this out and am going to post it. I just came back from vacation on 4/1 and am still struggling just to do any form of exercise. I feel like I cannot get back onto that bandwagon that I fell off.

ASOPA21 Posts: 932
4/9/09 7:59 A

I agree. It is really hard to start something new, but staying motivated and finding what works for you is important. We all get frustrated when things don't work for us be we need to find what does work and stick with it.

4/9/09 7:58 A

This is so true! I think that getting started is the hardest part. once you do, habits form, and leave a lasting impression.

MGRAHAM1103 Posts: 82
4/9/09 7:57 A

I agree with this and am trying to get in the mindset that is needed. I am struggling every day but not going to give up.

SWEET2NURSE2003 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 41
4/9/09 7:53 A

Motivation is the key. It is very hard to get started doing anything, but with consistancy we all get better.

21ANGEL007 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (869)
Posts: 11
4/9/09 7:50 A

Thank you very much for the encouraging words. as they say the right thing is the hardest thing to do. and i truly believe that this applies to general population who oftentimes lack discipline. however, once you've set healthy habits, its the wrong thing that comes as a struggle for us to do. AND THAT IS WHAT I'M WORKING TOWARDS!

HOPE2BE SparkPoints: (147,504)
Fitness Minutes: (93,942)
Posts: 25,865
4/9/09 7:49 A

When I first started spark people I noticed how much they said 8 glasses of water was needed. i hemmed and hawed and finally starting drinking 1 more glass a day. After 6 months I had it down pat and kept going from there. Now i drink 8 glasses regularly if not more. I thought it'd be hard but it wasn't.

MORGANS01 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,963)
Posts: 1,142
4/9/09 7:42 A

Kunja and Others,

Consistency starts with the way you view yourself. I am going to share a small but true story that I believe relates to this statement. At 37, I was a single mom of 3, with a part time job at a local store and part assistance from the state. I entered a program because my social worker kind of forced me do it although I was dragging my feet every step of the way. Why would I want to go try out for schooling to get a more appropriate job for myself when I was a single finger typist. You know the hunt and peck kind of typing. I tried typing in high school, I tried typing in the military, but I just kept telling myself I couldn't and wouldn't learn. But that year for some reason, I dug down and I stood my ground and let me the first tell you I learned - I am now in my 11th year at this job. So for consistency I truly believe you have to tell yourself you can do it and believe in your self and then fight the good fight. Because if we don't believe we are worth it then no one else will either. So keep picking yourself back up, dust it off but never ever give up! I don't usually have a New Years Resolution - but this year I did, stay true to myself, if I gave you my word then I would stand behind it, and I gave my word to "ME" and I refuse to become a liar to myself.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (223,136)
Fitness Minutes: (82,978)
Posts: 7,170
4/9/09 7:40 A

I agree. Motivation is a wonderful vicious cycle...the more you find something that works, the more you want to keep doing it! The hardest part is starting.

4/9/09 7:36 A

I agree and am working toward this! My set backs are arthritis and fibro flare ups. These set me into a non movement mode or very little movement for quite a while. Working through the pain has become too difficult as I take no medications. So I have to wait it out.

MHINTZ0929 Posts: 4,548
4/9/09 7:33 A

Thank you so much for this reminder today! I needed it! I am my own worst enemy and I sabbotage myself with my thoughts. If only I could remember to tell myself the same things I would tell my friends I know I would be successful. Let's all try and stay consistent and persistent today!

COJACQUE Posts: 53
4/9/09 7:19 A


I am going to put this reminder on my favorties so I can read it every morning. It will be my "get up and go" post.


SLIM15 Posts: 1
4/9/09 6:57 A

Very appreciate for the encouragement and the suggestions. I just joined this SparkPeople and I am looking forward to have a better life style and more healthy habits for me and my family.


NANASUE1962 Posts: 3
4/9/09 6:55 A

emoticon I agree with this topic. My Problem is When I work all week I have a hard time doing this workout also. Maybe someone out there can give me some suggestions how I can workout at work.

CMORISAK Posts: 3,409
4/9/09 6:54 A

Thank you for the reminder. It about consistency from day to day.

YA-SIN Posts: 370
4/9/09 6:52 A


HEDDA01 Posts: 8
4/9/09 6:48 A

I like what you are saying and it makes sense. I just need to know how. How do you wrap your mind around it how can you motivate yourself when you do think it is out of your reach. I have no idea where to begin. I always start and I lose 5-10 lbs in the first 2 weeks and the I say sure I can take the day off and that one day turns into the rest of my life. I am at my Witt's end. emoticon

CHIMDINDU SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,033)
Posts: 528
4/9/09 6:47 A

i found out that exercice and healthy eating is now part of my life stlye,thanks to the reminder though.

4/9/09 6:46 A

emoticon emoticon

BAGLADY801 Posts: 60
4/9/09 6:45 A

I agree with everything said 110%. My problem is that I can tell other people 'just do it' but find it hard to take my own advice. I am trying the 'make a small change' theory on for size. Even something like logging into this website daily and reading the posts can be the start of something good.

RSTAGG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (28,012)
Posts: 1,030
4/9/09 6:43 A

Great post. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

BRENENG8 Posts: 776
4/9/09 6:40 A

absolutely very well put.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/9/09 6:37 A

WEll said and completely true. My workouts and food tracking are so ingrained into my day I feel out of sorts if I miss.

4/9/09 6:34 A

I agree completely. My workouts are a complete part of my everyday routine. I look at them the way I look at going to work. I need to go to work so I can afford the things in life that I need and want. So I looked at my workouts as a way for me to continue to enjoy the the things in my life for as long as I want because I feel good and healthy. Just make it your regular routine and stick to it.

4/9/09 5:37 A

welcome to the board, willie. good to hear from you this morning. nice reading on your part. have a good day and take care okay? and for all of us, I love to keep my body in motion, and making my friends keep up with me while laughing. work outs are a great way to stay healthy and also tone up muscle diseases. so stay with me you all, let's do this together! emoticon

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HUNTER501 Posts: 1
4/9/09 5:16 A

I found out about Spark People on the Internet from a friend on the Stay Quit program (NetDoctor).
Stay quit is a brilliant site to help people get off and stay off cigarettes. As a lot of the people quitting cigs. gain weight, members are advising each other to visit "Spark People" site for help. Now, five months free of nicotine, I have gone from 14st to 15 & a half stone. Even at 14st I was 2st + over weight but for as long as I can remember I always ate what I wanted. This mostly consisted of healthy food; meat, all veg. salads and fish (seldom). All of what I consider convenience food; Sausages, chips, burgers etc. are baked in the oven, eggs are poached. My problem is that I am a gluten and tend to eat a lot very often.
I do exercise five or six days a week by walking dog in the country. This involves climbing ditches, barb wire and electric fences, though I must admit that I am mostly ambling along and tend to get breathless if I have to exert myself.
I also suffer from sleep apnea (Google it), so often I would not have the energy to push myself any harder.
I enjoy the mail from this site, but find it a little overwhelming. I read what I can but often find myself going off on an off shoot and not dwelling on what I intended to in the first place. Sorry for rambling on so much, Willie

FIELDSAC Posts: 63
4/9/09 4:32 A

re-entry to exercise after vactioning attempts at exercise failed. emoticon

KEIMER Posts: 7
4/9/09 4:30 A

The simple concepts are always appreciated. Very well said - Thanks!!

MSMARGO1 Posts: 13
4/9/09 4:00 A

It is totally about takjing the first step and getting unto a routine. Today I started back on the stepper. I'd been rather laxed since before Xmas. Then I was doing my stepper every other day along with my hand weights. Then holidays came along and I fell out of a routine and it's almost the middle of April. I can only imagine where I would be if I had stuck to my routine. As it is I've lost 27#; 18# more to go to my goal. I'm going to Scottsdale AZ next month and I would really like to go sleeveless (for the first time in forever!). I have kept pretty consistent with my hand weights so my arms are so much better than they were. But they still have that flap stuff going on. So anyhoo, today is getting back on the routine so I can safely say I am back on track to be the best I can be.

HONEYB1949 Posts: 1,198
4/9/09 3:29 A

Ya know? I seem to start out strong (with dieting) and fizzle out as I get tired of depriving myself of foods I enjoy eating and doing boring exercises with minimal results. Even though it's only been a little less than 2 weeks I feel different about starting something I just may finish. The food is great. The exercises (and coaching) are fun. AND there's so much more support than I've ever had. Knowing that if my current positive attitude fails I can reach out and somebody is here to encourage me.

REDSODA Posts: 65
4/9/09 3:06 A

this makes so much sense to me, and you are so right. I have been thinking about it as well, you adapt, you really do.

thanks for sharing =)

KUNJA_76 Posts: 2
4/9/09 2:33 A

Its hard for me to just say that this message is true for me (even though it is true in general). I've just been yo-yoing for so long that I can't ever really be consistent and I think that has always been my problem I can never follow thru. However, as I'm writing this I just noticed if I haven't given up that means i'm consistent with something. Thanks I'll keep trying until I get it right.

SUERAY4850 Posts: 1
4/9/09 1:54 A

I find it hard to work out cause I have osteoarthritis and fibroomyalgea...I am going to start swimming again twice a wk. When I go out with my friends too I love to dance. I am on it helps

4/9/09 1:50 A

This is a very nice reminder. Especially after getting off track & needing to find the strength to get back. emoticon

TOMMOM53 Posts: 36
4/9/09 1:35 A

This is like an encouraging message from God--I just updated my SparkPage a moment ago with a realistic goal for weight loss and a commitment to walking everyday, and then I got this message on my email. You knew just what I needed to hear at this very moment, thanks for your inspiration.

DMCOONCE SparkPoints: (48,656)
Fitness Minutes: (61,018)
Posts: 1,623
4/9/09 1:26 A

I agree, consistency is the name of the game!

4/9/09 1:19 A

I know this will be a hard and long process but it is something I need to do. I am limited to what I can and can not do since I have severe back problems and not able to do much more than walk a little each day. I walk at least 10 minutes each day. I am also have issues with my blood sugar going too low and I have to eat sugar to bring it up. I just need to get my mind set and do the best I can.

CROTTY Posts: 122,361
4/9/09 12:48 A

I so agree with the article. I started eating healthy, and Bob bought me the food I needed. It has become something I now do every day. Every day and I am so happy. emoticon I also have a care giver so I walked outside in the sun, this is also something I look forward to.

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,662)
Fitness Minutes: (183,631)
Posts: 9,620
3/30/09 12:31 P

Welcome to SparkPeople and thank you for sharing your thoughts and positive attitude. I hope your words helped inspire others today too. Good luck reaching all of your goals.

Be well,

3/30/09 7:17 A

Sometimes in life (especially when it comes to working out and eating healthy) it's just about getting started. I know this because that has always been the definitive aspect of my achievements - getting started!

You may think (like I did for so many years) that your goals to lose weight and maintain healthy eating habits are far beyond your reach or capabilities, but you are WRONG!

You simply have to get started, and once you form a routine relative to your workouts and diet, you will begin to simply assume your routine as part of your weekly responsibilities. You don't have to lift 1000 pounds a day, but you probably should lift SOMETHING!!; especially if you have any type of weight lose goals in mind.

What you need to remember about working out is: it's not how hard you work out at one time, or how much you lift, it's about maintaining consistency relative to your personal fitness agenda. It may not be convenient for you to go to the gym EVERY single day, though staying active on your days off from the gym will usher in the results your working towards even faster.

The most important thing you can remember is that all of your fitness goals and strategies are at the mercy of your own personal mindset; if you are able to wrap your mind around every workout before you even do it you will find that the results you are seeking from the investment you are making into a healthy lifestyle will become much more easily and quickly accessible to you as you continue to maintain your consistency and commitment to your health and well-being.

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