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11/8/13 3:28 P

I took on line courses. it taught me how to make the food. Find a meetup group in your area. Sadly you won't get as much support here as you would like. There is a raw group on the site and they do post recipes and other helpful tips.

Raw food on a budget- brandi runs an awesome class, it is a full month and she will have recipes and all. there is a weekly call where it is an open forum

raw food made easy- Jennifer Cornbleet. Also Awesome. SHe is not 100% raw herself, but her recipes are simple and delicious.

Vegan Raw is so much more than just salads. it is delicious and nutritious and extremely filling, It has given me energy I didn't know existed.

If you want, private message me. I have tons of books and recipes that i can share.

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11/8/13 3:23 P

So I've been vegan for a year now and want to transition to a raw vegan diet. If anyone has any tips that would be awesome ! :)

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