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2/27/13 8:56 A

Welcome back! You can do it!!!

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2/27/13 7:43 A

Welcome back to SP. Hang on to your seat cause the ride might just be a bit bumpy.

STACIE1044 Posts: 2
2/27/13 7:06 A

I joined SparkPeople a couple years ago, but wasn't really in the right mindset, or ready to hold myself accountable to healthier living. I wasn't really doing it for the right reasons, and because of that it wasn't a priority for me. This time I'm making the commitment for myself, and to myself, and know that the only person I can count on and rely on to really lose the weight is me.

That being said, I know that making this journey alone would be darn near impossible. My husband isn't ready to make a healthy life commitment, but I don't want that to hold me back, so I'm pushing forward.

I'd love to hear tips and suggestions for how to stay focused when your significant other isn't on the same page, but does most of the cooking. (I work late so in order to eat before 8, he prepares dinner.) Also where can I find someone to work out with in my area? I have a gym membership to LA Fitness, but know I'll get burned out with the classes quickly and would love someone to help hold me accountable to going at least three times a week.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be open and honest as I start this process. I want to feel lighter, possibly relieve some of the serious pain I feel in my neck and lower back, and hopefully shed some of the excess weight to look and feel better.

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