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HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
8/6/13 6:35 A

You can do it! Keep sparking, reading, exercising, DOING!! This is your life, right now...It is NOT a dress rehearsal!! Best wishes on your journey toward good health.

CNESMITH2 SparkPoints: (12,902)
Fitness Minutes: (8,509)
Posts: 655
8/5/13 10:18 P

Starting over is never easy but I look forward to the reward.

8/5/13 9:24 P

You can do this!!! We're here rooting for you :)

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,466
8/5/13 8:46 A

So make this time different from previous attempts. This time write up what it is the you want to achieve and why. Set your log range goals, short term goals and action items you will do to achieve your goals. Set your fast break goals and accomplish them so that you can feel good about achieving three small goals and build your momentum to continue this lifestyle change. Remember to change your mind set. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change and you are on a journey to better health. Drink your water and plan like crazy! Read lots of articles and watch the motivational videos posted on the site. Finding SparkPeople is just the first step. This is an experiment of one, you are the only who can make these changes for you for your life and health. No one else can do it for you. Good luck!

DHOLTZ99 SparkPoints: (1,813)
Fitness Minutes: (471)
Posts: 10
8/5/13 8:36 A

I'm with you! I have started and failed so many times I can't even begin to tell you! WE CAN DO THIS!!! I'm pulling for you! One step at a time! emoticon

FROGGIRL80 Posts: 30
8/5/13 6:58 A

This is by far the hardest post I have ever had to write. I haven't been doing as well with my lifestyle change as I had in the past. My moment came when my sister told me how worried she was for me and....I had a difficult time sitting in my seat in an airplane. I realize now more than ever that I need help. I wanna break the cycle once and for all. I don't want to live my life this way and possible get diabetes or worst. I appreciate any and all support given to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless all of you.

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