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10/23/13 6:57 A

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass it along.

Coach Jen

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10/22/13 10:17 P

When I eat over the minimum calorie value I get a negative value in my "Equals Calories Remaining Today" field.
Calories In & Out
Calorie Goal 1690 - 2040
Minus Eaten Today - 1778
Equals Calories Remaining Today -88 - 262
Calories Burned This Week/Weekly Goal 522 / 740
So as you can see I have "-88 to 262" calories left to eat today instead of "0 to 262" calories left.

Overall I like the new start page, it seems less cluttered to the eyes as everything flows from one thing to the next whereas the old one had stuff kinda all over the place.

Im hoping the spark points we earn for teams will have more meaning in the future though. Like make them points the group leaders can use to give gifts or enhance the team experience in some way. Maybe make these points "team points" and allow the spark team to unlock certain things at different "team point" levels. Or at least some way team members can see that they are contributing to their team in some way.

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