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KMW4013 Posts: 65
9/11/10 5:09 A

ya I know my cousins both did the atkins diet and both have lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off. I really need to start trying harder to avoid so many carbs!

PASADENAROSE SparkPoints: (13,373)
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9/10/10 11:03 P

Simple carbs are good at causing bloating and water retention. It's one reason the Atkins diet is so successful, in addition to the fact that all that protein curbs your appetite.

I recommend a book called "Going Against the Grain" by Melissa Smith. Her point of view is that the consumption of grains is a relatively recent occurance in man's overall evolution and that many of us haven't yet adapted to this change in our diet.

Amazon has it for less than $11 right now.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
9/10/10 6:53 P

Lots of people have a wheat intolerance, which I believe is different from being flat-out allergic. I don't know the actual term for it though. I am one of those self-diagnosed people - I know if I eat more than one piece of bread or serving of pasta a day, I get terrible heartburn. If I go beyond that due to cravings or the fact that wheat products are generally cheap and easy on the budget, I end up with all sorts of digestive issues like bloating, severe stomach upset and really bad intestinal upset. Plus a headache to really make the day great. It's hard to cut out bread products if you really really love it...I really love it. But I also do NOT love feeling horrible. The bad thing is you really have to work at getting sufficient carbs from other sources so that's worth some research!

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
9/10/10 5:54 P

It is worth it to give brown rice a try. If you use a rice cooker, measure the rice and water out like you usually do, then add an extra quarter cup of water. Whole grain versions of our starches are digested over a longer period of time, so may affect us differently.

JULESCP Posts: 1,375
9/10/10 10:40 A

You can try this, but make sure you're getting proper nutrition. You can also try whole wheat versions of some of your favorites. I've found that if I eat anything with "Enriched" in the flour, then I, too, get bloated. Enriched wheats are ones where all of the good fiber and bran have been artifically added back in after the processing. It's not good for you and wasn't meant to be consumed and processed by our bodies.

Hope this helps.

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9/10/10 9:27 A

I notice if I cut out the rice and wheat from my diet, I'm NOT so bloated. MY stomach actually feels nice and looks a tiny bit smaller.

This is my problem...I love these 2 things. Should I cut them out completely from my diet for AWHILE? Actually, I'm thinking of cutting out all the wheat, rice and pasta for awhile and get my carbs from just fruits and veggies and see if this will help in my weight loss. I been loosing the same 3 lbs for MONTHS, so no weight loss.

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