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In general, here are some substitutions you can make:

Rice: Take raw cauliflower and shred it. Instant rice. Heat it if you want to warm it up. Shredded it takes no time at all to steam, maybe 10-20 seconds.

Potatoes: Cauilflower works wonderfully for almoast all potato dishes. Not a good french fry substitute, but like Joe's Special scramble that calls for potatoes - add cauliflower.

Replace it in most any recipe that calls for potatoes.

Cook it to soft and mash it for 'mashed potatoes'.

Cook florettes to half done, dice it, then use in any potato salad recipe.

Sandwiches and wraps:
Large leaves work great for this. Often people say to use collards, that can be a bit of an acquired taste.

Exterior leaves of iceberg lettuce works fairly well to make a sandwich or wrap. Same with cabbage. Outer romaine leaves works well too, but not quite so.

Collards: to use these, cut out the center stem and overlap (as needed) to get enough to make a roll, for instance.

I like them raw, but if you don't, try softening them up with a bit of olive oil and salt. Get coarse salt (not table salt) and massage into the collards for a few minutes until your hands turn green and they start to get soft. Then add olive oil (and lemon or lime juice) and massage again for a couple minutes. Can be left overnight at this point.

Hard to say quantities - when I do this for a whole bunch, about 12-15 leaves, it's 1 Tbsp coarse salt, 1 Tbsp olive oil, 2 Tbsp lemon or lime juice.

Or take all your non-bread salad ingredients, dice them up and call it a salad.

Pizza crust: try a portobello mushruoom, snap off stem, scrape out gills, drizzle with olive oil and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes until soft. Top with pizza stuff, then put back in until melted.

Or use it for an open-faced sandwich.

Lasagne: Use thinly sliced portobello mushrooms or zucchini (or summer squash).

Spaghetti: Use spaghetti squash or tofu shiritaki noodles. Or get a Spiralizer and use zucchini or summer squash.

Egg Noodles / Fettuchini: use tofu shiritaki noodles.

Mmm ... that's all I can think of at the moment.

Oh, forgot to add this note about cauliflower: It takes a long time to cook so for things like egg scrambles, I steam the diced cauliflower first, until it's about half done (takes less than 1 minute in the microwave) and then it cooks up nicely.

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3/28/10 5:01 P

Carb free isn't good.

Carb free isn't necessary.

I've got a lot of recipes I can share that don't have starchy carbs. Would you like me to post them here? Would it be better if we took this into SparkMail?

Oh, I wanted to say also most of the recipes I share are vegan or involve fish/seafood, so that would keep your cholesterol down.

Many things I suggest, like salad, you can add meats (I add vegan meats) but you have options there.

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3/28/10 4:41 P

I'd be interested what you eat. My problem now is that my cholesterol and tryglicerides are high so I need to avoid cholesterol and lose weight.
I did get a book by Carol Sinclair about starch allergies that promotes an almost carb free diet but it would be too extreme for me.

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3/28/10 4:32 P

With a starch allergy, individuals have different tolerence levels. I was already on a gluten free diet for a year so I had avoided many starches. Now I have to journal and see what foods really set me off. For example, I would eat at PF Changs gluten free menu but often had a bloating reaction. I've now found that it was the brown rice. I thought it was just cross contamination and thought I'd have to live with it.But after finding out about the starch allergy, I experimented. I can tolerate a small amount of white rice (half a cup) but not the brown. And I thought I was eating healthier ordering the brown rice. So now it's trial and error.
I'm 58 and have been dieting for most of my adult life. From WW to Atkins, I should be able to write many books on labels etc, but I'm smart enough to know there is always new stuff to learn. Although I plan to avoid them now, I do know that I can tolerate a small amount of Lays potato chips which are gluten free,(only have potatoes, oil and salt)but I had extreme bloating when I tried a handful of Baked Lays. That experience was what pushed me to go the the doctor. They are gluten free but have a modified starch.
Thanks for your interest Becky.

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3/28/10 4:08 P

Never heard of a starch allergy.

But being a low carber and eating almost entirely whole food based, non-starchy carbs, it really IS possible to live that way.

Although I find a certain "energy output" e.g. exercise / activity level and I really fo like being able to turn to the carbs for that extra boost & calories. I don't know how to deal with that without the carbs.

But for the most part, it's really possible to eat a lot without the starchy carbs.

3/28/10 4:05 P

I am glad your doctor has provided you with the specifics!!! I hope your doctor has given you information on food and product label reading. Many food products have starch-containing food ingredients. I assume these are all off-limits. I hope you have found substitutions to meeting your carboydarte needs without any foods containing starches. I am assuming you can have no grain products, no cereal products, no starchy vegetables, no products with thickeners such as corn starch, etc??? This seems very restrictive and I hope appropriate substitutions have been provided.

Best of luck!

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3/28/10 3:55 P

Thanks Becky.
I'm fortunate to have a doctor who is very interested and knowlegable about this issue. He spent a good deal of time with me going over what I have been eating and his recommendations.
I know better than to believe everything I read on the Interent. I have done lots of research but as always there is totally conflicting info and most claim to be the expert.
I am hoping there are Sparkspeople who will share their journeys and ideas. I know misery likes company but I'm more interested in sharing successes.

3/28/10 3:37 P

Sparkpeople is happy to reach out and provide support and encouragement as you approach this nutritional journey to improve your health.

BUT this site nor our members are able to provide the medical nutrition therapy that your situation requires. PLEASE ask your doctor for a referral to see a Registered Dietitian in your area. Not only do you need information on food restrictions, but also on the foods to include in your diet to meet your nutrient needs. Your dietitian will also be able to specialize the plan to meet your calorie needs for weight loss. Once you have the plan and the eductaion, use it here at SP as you track your food intake.

Registered Dietitian Becky

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3/27/10 7:09 P

Hi, A year ago I was having real issues with extreme bloating and pain. The doctor didn't have a clue but several people suggested it might be a gluten allergy. I didn't want to under go the medical testing and decided to see if I had any luck with a gluten free diet. I went gluten free and had great results. I no longer had the bloating unless I slipped and ate something inadvertently and I usually could pinpoint the problem. I didn't lose any weight because I was able to feed my sweet tooth with lots of great gluten free desserts and candy. I felt entitled since I gave up breads and lots of other goodies. I also was very motivated to stay gluten free because I also saw my fibromyalgia pain and arthritis almost disappeared. I started walking and completed 2 half marathons..something I never had been able to do. But I still had some bouts of extreme bloating and finally went to a gastro doctor. He did blood work and thinks I have a starch allergy, not gluten. The blood work so far confirms this. by going gluten free i had cut most startches from my diet. Unfortunately my tryglicerides and cholesterol are sky high and a no carb diet is not an option. I tried that years ago and lost lots of weight quickly but put on even more one I stated adding carbs again.
My only option now is to lose weight. I'm looking to Sparkspeople for inspiration and support. Has anyone out there been in my situation?

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