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Personally I do not expect anyone to be perfect. I love a singer for their voice,I don't care what they look like. I assume there is a lot of pressure being an entertainer but I also do notice that in today's society even though fad diets and plastic surgery is huge that I have noticed there is many average looking people in the singing industry and in acting. I think television/radio has come a long ways with discrimination myself. If you look at some of the old movies you will see almost every actress had a waist that looked like 15 inches thick in the pretty dresses and all dolled up. The ones who go to extreme fall short of themselves and do not fully embrace who they are as a person if they go have many surgeries to enhance their beauty, and in a lot of cases it isn't enhancing anything, it makes them look like joker faces. .

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This is one of my Danish singer idols- she is very open what being a star does to her.. Do you ever think we put too much pressure on them as humans? We expect them to be so darned perfect and yet are not ourselfs...

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