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I agree with the previous poster. If you are constantly moving at your job (like a server at a restaurant), you might find that you need to eat a little more to account for that extra activity. Here's an Ask the Expert that will help you figure that out:

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Standing is better than sitting, but because it isn't exercise, I would not attempt to measure or track it. You're not going to be burning measurably more than sitting, and as your body adapts, any extra burn you get will level off as your body adapts to the new activity and won't be providing much benefit (the same way walking on your job every day becomes routine and doesn't burn as much as if you aren't a regular walker.)

You are absolutely burning calories (you burn calories just breathing!) but I would only track purposeful exercise in your fitness tracker. Count those as bonus calories, and move on. :)

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I rarely sit during my job. I am continually moving from 2 exam rooms, to front desk, etc. I even have a standing computer terminal. How can I track this in Fitness program? Surely I am burning calories and helping my overall health? I have heard of employees who have had their traditional desk replaced with a standing desk. I have had that since March 2012! Can anyone help?

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