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Here is a SparkPeople article to get you started:

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12/19/12 6:48 A

Welcome back Susie! This site is actually a great place for support along your journey to be healthier. Teams and challenges are a wonderful place to start. But this site can also help you to have the courage to share your goals with the people that surround you - your friends and family.

Have you got a FastBreak goal that helps you get more involved with the SparkPeople community? Some examples are:
1) writing in your blog daily
2) streaking on a team goal
3) reading motivational pages and leaving a comment
4) participating in message board threads

Every mountain climb begins with the first small step. Let me congratulate you on starting your climb to the top!


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Helloooo Everyone! Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year I am hoping for a Happy New Me. I am looking for friends and people to share this journey. I have started this once before and failed because there really wasn't any support. I am looking to support and motivate as best I can because I have such a long journey and feel like I am standing at the mountain's edge trying to gain the courage to make that climb to the top. Please join me and let's help each other out! emoticon emoticon

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