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10/31/13 8:22 P

So you are eating about 1500-1600 calories daily???
what is your weight loss calorie range?

I would like to see your nutrition tracker to give more specific feedback. Let me know if you need the steps to make it public.

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10/29/13 2:30 A

I would need to know more than calorie count to provide feedback; specific items and amounts.

10/28/13 8:38 P

My average days Menu consists of about 300 cals at breakfast, usually a breakfast burrito that I make and freeze. Lunch is usually leftovers or a salad with chicken in it. I normally have a 100-200 calorie snack especially when I'm on the trail and Dinner is usually 500-600 cals. I like to leave myself 100 calories at the end so I can have a little something for desert.

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10/28/13 8:17 P

I think your doing great! Maybe your hitting a plateau.
Don't beat yourself up, your doing the right thing.
Sometimes It takes awhile to brake a plateau, maybe you should your change your excercise a little or drink more water.
I'm rooting for you!

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10/28/13 7:44 P

What's an average day's menu? Hows your sleep?

10/28/13 5:59 P

Hello. I have been on the program steadily since July and I've lost 25lbs. While I am thrilled with that loss I also have been stalled for about a month. I set me weekly fitness goal at 290 minutes and 2600 cals a week. I have always been active, it's just recently I started really committed to eating healthier so that I can lose weight. My question is, if I am exceeding my weekly goal could that be stalling my progress? Does anyone change their goal from week to week? Because the last 2 weeks I have more than doubled my goal. I did add in a couple hundred calories on some of the days that I burned 1500 calories in a day but do I need to do more? I'm hesitant to change my goal because idk if I will continue to be this active every week. Help Please.

I am 34, 5'6", starting weight 207, current weight about 182, I hike about 5-6 hours a week up mountains, scuba dive and walk my kids to school 4 days a week totaling about 12 miles of walking. I would say I'm in excellent physical health, I just want to shed some more lbs

Current Calorie Range is between 1370-1710. I usually hover near the middle of that on off days and toward the higher end on exercise days. I'm careful to eat breakfast and have small snacks, especially during activity periods.

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