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10/21/13 7:49 A

Thank you for the insight. I tried using intervals on the stair climber, and WOW does it burn! I think I'll have to ditch the treadmill more often.

10/14/13 12:19 P

"How does a stair climber compare to real stairs? "

Like with a treadmill, the moving track does some of the work that your legs would do outdoors - so yeah, it's easier. I think all stair climbers have a speed control. You can also make it harder by not holding on. If both of those aren't enough (rare), they sell weighted vests that you can wear.. or maybe wear a backpack with weights in it.

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10/14/13 10:02 A

My gym has those machines too. I treat them kind of as a treadmill-equivalent in that I'm trying to keep a challenging but steady pace for 20-30 minutes. If I was using actual stairs or bleachers, it would be more of an interval workout where I push hard going up and then rest on the way down (repeat as necessary). The only way to increase the intensity on the machines is to increase the speed at which the stairs are moving...unless you wanted to start doing them one-legged.

MKATE88 Posts: 1,174
10/14/13 9:37 A

My question is about a stair climber, which is like a short escalator, not the stairmill, which is two pedals that go up and down.

How does a stair climber compare to real stairs? It's probably easier than real stairs, so is there something I can do to make it more intense? Thank you.

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