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7/17/13 12:32 P

Congratulations! This is a particularly impressive woo-hoo because it follows the motivation of the drop in pounds, or inches or fatigue. It isn't as glamorous, which makes it more impressive.

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7/17/13 10:47 A

Yeah, I know, not much of a dramatic thing. :) I was a little intimidated by the process of figuring out how to eat more (but not too much) after reaching goal weight without ever being able to rely on tracking calories exactly (since I don't do that). But I just spent two weeks at my parents' house entirely out of my usual food routine, hungry as heck due to more exercise than usual, in a place that was overflowing with foods both good and bad due to so many guests -- and without a scale even! -- and come back to find that my weight is essentially the same as when I left.

I'm doing it! So happy.

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