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AMYZM999 Posts: 37
5/16/13 3:03 A

An article in this week's New Yorker is all about treadmill desks. It quotes some stats about how sitting is so bad for us that even intense workouts don't entirely counteract the effect of hours of sitting per day. So, the author has her computer and desk surface up high like with a standing desk, except she also has a treadmill underneath, and walks all day long while she works on the computer, makes phone calls, etc.

I have a pretty sedentary job, and I am seriously considering setting something like this up in my office. I love this testimonial:
-Treadmill-Desk/ "I'm never tired anymore. I can walk around the mall, the World Maker Faire, go to the gym, and I'm NEVER tired."

HLKLJGK SparkPoints: (45,257)
Fitness Minutes: (19,195)
Posts: 528
5/15/13 7:23 P

I like to park in spaces that furthest from the door when I go out.

5/15/13 4:38 P

I also fit in 20 minute HIIT at lunchtime at the gym. I get about an hour for lunch. It takes about 7 minutes to get there.
I also recently started standing up at my desk. I went around the office and found old phones books and boxes to raise up my monitors, keyboard and mouse. At first, my coworkers thought I was crazy, but now, 4 weeks later, they are curious and are encouraging me to order a stand up desk.
I try to stand for 30 minutes then sit or walk around for 15 minutes.
I did this because killing myself in the gym for 1 hour a day and eating healthy still put me in the category of "sedentary" because I sit and type for 8 hours a day.

STARFISH1961 SparkPoints: (72,322)
Fitness Minutes: (37,968)
Posts: 4,726
5/15/13 12:50 P

I enjoy the spring & summer months , as I can hang out my laundry , carrying it while wet & arm raises to the line while bending to lift the articals of clothing always burns more calories than machine drying & also saves electric & gas!

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SALTATORIA SparkPoints: (1,196)
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Posts: 26
5/14/13 9:03 P

I have a 45-minute lunch break, so I walk for 30 minutes. I can usually do 1.5 - 2 miles. Then, I do my more intense workout after we have dinner.

The lunch time walk is really nice for a couple reasons. 1) I get outside and moving in the middle of my day, which helps relieve stress and 2) if something comes up after work and I can't do the intense workout, it's not a huge deal since I exercised at lunch time.

5/14/13 8:26 P

I try to remember to stretch or do twists anytime I am sitting even in the bathroom.

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STARFISH1961 SparkPoints: (72,322)
Fitness Minutes: (37,968)
Posts: 4,726
5/14/13 6:47 P

WOW! ! So many many great ideas will have to try many of these for extra movement , cause I am such a couch potato , however I do have a short resistant band and I try to use it every commercial in some way or another. emoticon

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (226,751)
Fitness Minutes: (57,057)
Posts: 12,550
5/14/13 9:01 A

walking as well as I can and use small time for some exercise post on SP are all great

CRUELMONTH SparkPoints: (6,379)
Fitness Minutes: (3,669)
Posts: 33
5/14/13 1:24 A

Great idea!

KNITTINGNAN SparkPoints: (18,076)
Fitness Minutes: (6,314)
Posts: 553
5/13/13 9:38 P

During my 50's I began experiencing falls at work. Some were very dangerous, resulting in replaced front teeth, a steel plate in my wrist, and a re-designed eyerbow with several stitches. Each fall was caused by my tripping over things, but not being able to recover enough to prevent crashing to the floor.

JoeF2F, emoticon I will try your advice to stand on one foot, hoping that it improves my sense of balance. Thanks!

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KNITTINGNAN SparkPoints: (18,076)
Fitness Minutes: (6,314)
Posts: 553
5/13/13 9:25 P

My kids laughed at me when I bought 2 pound weights, but I felt more comfortable in the beginning of my weight-lifting attempts while using lighter weights. Slowly I increased the weight I used to improve my strength. I'm in no hurry to become a body builder or super model!!!!!! Good luck to you.

DILLONNAN Posts: 563
5/12/13 8:12 P

What great ideas. emoticon emoticon

I bought 2 lb weights. (I've got to start small.)

I'm doing 5 minutes strength training while sitting at my computer.

I've already bought 3 lbs for my next step. emoticon

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THOMPSON3815 SparkPoints: (4,118)
Fitness Minutes: (5,086)
Posts: 44
5/12/13 7:02 P

Now run to light rail I don't be out breath now .

2BFEELINGR8 Posts: 31
5/12/13 3:03 P

I purchased a fitbit early this year. It partners with Sparkpeople to
track food and activity. It links via bluetooth to my computer.
The very best benefit is that it graphs calories burned and calories eaten.
I can see patterns and amp up my lazy days.
Check it out at
I bought the fitbit Zip...$59. It is a great asset.

MRSLANNING83 SparkPoints: (3,791)
Fitness Minutes: (4,082)
Posts: 18
5/12/13 10:27 A

When I get ready in the morning, I put a Pandora station to "Enrique Iglesias" and shake my booty while I am putting on make-up!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
5/12/13 12:36 A

I jiggle my feet and legs when I sit at the computer as I read it burns calories and helps with circulation. I read that the "ants in the pants" kids in school are slimmer because they don't sit still. I know it helps my feet not to swell.

5/11/13 10:45 P

I am walking more at work and I'm more active at home.

JMB2LOSE SparkPoints: (14,373)
Fitness Minutes: (10,650)
Posts: 120
5/10/13 2:55 P

I don't ask my husband to take out the trash anymore (instead, I do it myself).

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/10/13 1:07 P

my chiro issued a squat challenge to his patients. they start with 30 squats a day and add 10 more each consecutive day until they hit 300. I don't have to do all the squats at the same time (i had to do 180 all at once because i forgot to pace my day). I am now up to 210. I don't like doing them at my desk, but i have found that doing them in the bathroom stall works.
the squats are the full up and down motion, not speed squats.

i also find time to do the stairs at work on my short breaks. we only have three levels. unfortunately due to leg issues, i don't run stairs, but i can still walk up slowly.

BITSNPIECES38 Posts: 981
5/10/13 10:34 A

I do figure eights at the grocery store - start on the far left side, then walk over to the far right side, then to the left again, then to the right, etc. When I get to the center and am essentially done, I do a large lap around the store (that allows me to pick up all the cold stuff I didn't want to put in my cart earlier).

I do side to side toe touches when brushing my teeth.

SEARCHINGNANA1 SparkPoints: (3,038)
Fitness Minutes: (2,977)
Posts: 18
5/10/13 9:10 A

Great ideas! Wonder how to add the yard work, shopping etc. Will use my pedometer when shopping to at least track steps. Will be out mall walking with my grand-daughter tomorrow.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
5/9/13 5:19 P

Count me in as another one working out at the microwave - it's amazing what one can fit in in 30-60 seconds, much less a couple of minutes!

I also run in place while brushing my teeth and folding laundry (acquired skills) and do calf raises whenever I have to stand in one place for a while.

I wear a pedometer constantly and set mini-goals throughout the day to reach my minimum 10K steps.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (248,499)
Fitness Minutes: (124,107)
Posts: 14,901
5/9/13 2:53 P

when I had the battery replaced in my HRM watch, they turned on the hourly chime (for some reason the watch shop always does this!) I can hear it beeping every hour in my purse. Instead of taking a few seconds to turn the sound off, I do a few reps. Today has been push-ups.

so far, I've done 100 push-ups and 80 wall push-ups

tomorrow I'll do squats & lunges

KRAFTYKRAFT SparkPoints: (99,348)
Fitness Minutes: (48,190)
Posts: 3,128
5/9/13 1:56 P

I go to the restroom on the second floor so I have to climb the stairs a couple of times a day

BUNNYLAMB SparkPoints: (52,562)
Fitness Minutes: (35,798)
Posts: 555
5/9/13 1:50 P

I use the 4-6 minutes of microwave time to heat up my lunch to do 30 second sets of exercises: squats, lunges, wall/counter push-ups, knee lifts, side leg lifts (while balancing on one foot, not laying on the kitchen floor at work!), core twists, little hops. I like the countdown the microwave timer provides!

5/7/13 8:39 P

Now that it is spring, it is for me, easier. I just get out and do more yardwork and gardening. I haven't found a good way to track this, but I try to get some in before work, and even more, after work.

And if you live in an apartment, there's more outdoor walking/hiking ops now. Spring truly makes me motivated to move my bod!!!!

Back in the past, when the society was overall a lot thinner, there were no gyms. We exercised by getting out in the yard, among other things.

BOOTYLICIOUS83 SparkPoints: (52,010)
Fitness Minutes: (38,984)
Posts: 4,165
5/7/13 8:21 P

I walk at the track at the high school

PAMBROWN1010 SparkPoints: (13,585)
Fitness Minutes: (9,050)
Posts: 101
5/7/13 5:55 P

I take the stairs at work. I work in an 6 story office building. I park in the back and take three flights up to my office in the morning, and back down and up at lunchtime and again when I leave for the day. I park at the very back of the lot, so I have to walk to and from my car. I also take the stair to the many meetings I am in through out the day, so I may do between 15 and 25 flights a day.

TINKSMOM1 Posts: 1,303
5/7/13 10:21 A

I squeeze in extra exercise in my kitchen a lot...while I am cooking I do squats or leg lifts... I also chase my dog around the house, which benifits us both! Sometimes when I am doing the laundry in the basement, I go repeat going up and down the steps a few times before I get the laundry....Anytime I can add an exercise, I do it! It all helps! emoticon

BUSYBEE37 Posts: 1,113
5/7/13 8:50 A

I've been taking the steps 2 at a time. It's like mini 1 legged squats.

JOE14250 Posts: 214
5/7/13 2:54 A

step ups at the gas pump great idea. I like walking to the gym. I have a workout half done when I arrive warmed up. I try and remember to do shoulder rolls while downloading something

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JOE14250 Posts: 214
5/7/13 2:49 A

Love your fitness minutes suggestions. Here is another one for you. Balance is important at any age. Since I am a retired guy recently, I am focused on issues of aging. Balance is a biggie that I always took for granted. I found that my balance started to decline in my early 50's too much focus on work and making money for kid' s college etc. I started to focus on balance a Physical Therapy after a hip replacement. I have gained a lot of strength balancing alternately on one foot with the other toe back and just five or so inches off the ground.

I got better and better and now can do several minutes on each foot waiting in line or doing other things like the phone. I really strengthens micro muscles in the hip and ankles. I can feel the burn and even floss standing on one foot. I do many of the exercise you mentioned like the shoulder rolls. I have a rubber ball I squeeze at traffic lights too.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/6/13 1:17 P

I read this topic as "sneezing in more movement" and I thought "well, that's one way!" XD

If I have a free minute in the day, I've been known to do a minute of jumping jacks.

HFAYE81 SparkPoints: (21,822)
Fitness Minutes: (12,388)
Posts: 287
5/6/13 12:42 P

At work, I make sure I get up every 20 minutes, and I stand rather than sit whenever I can. When I watch tv, I do strength training moves or yoga poses during the commercial breaks.

LAST20FORME SparkPoints: (4,152)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 158
5/6/13 11:59 A

I have.a two story house and use the stairs often. Some people use a big basket at the bottom of their stairs and fill it with items to take up stairs only in the evening when they go up to
sleep. I purposely run up and down to get items or put things away. It adds up to about 15 times climbing a staircase per day..

N16351D Posts: 2,349
5/6/13 11:08 A

Great ideas all! Following is my input.

While sitting in a chair at the computer composing this, I am squeezing my glutes. At the same time while I write, I am pulling my shoulder blades together. This pulls my shoulders back. Then I try to put my shoulder blades into my back pants pocket to get my shoulders back and down.

Whenever I remember, I do 20 shoulder rolls backwards and forwards (sitting or standing). While waiting in line at grocery or drug stores, post office, etc., I do as many calf raises as time allows.

Try to sit and stand, always, with your ears over your shoulders over your hips. This helps to strengthen back muscles.

Every time my girlfriend uses the toilet, she puts the lid down and does 15 tricep "push-ups", a strengthening exercise!

While talking on the phone at home, I put my feet up on the kitchen counter and stretch my hamstrings- especially when I am on home.

While watching television, I stretch on the floor.

The longer I am on SP and read message boards, the longer my list becomes!

SASSYCYRA SparkPoints: (1,009)
Fitness Minutes: (612)
Posts: 4
5/6/13 11:01 A

I got an attachment for my desk at work where I can stand up or sit down (I'm a secretary). I try to stand up for a few hours in the morning, and put on some music. I usually do leg lifts and squats while I'm standing here.

JMS53189 Posts: 372
5/6/13 10:38 A

I do some isometrics at my desk when I can. Also things like leg lifts under my desk.

ROBBIEB7 SparkPoints: (9,097)
Fitness Minutes: (3,151)
Posts: 64
5/6/13 8:44 A

I work in a prison, which means I spend time at locked doors, waiting for central control to see me on the monitor or pay attention to the button I'm pushing and open them. I try to do ballet leg lifts or tap dance/clog dancing manuevers and keep my feet moving while I'm waiting.

FITME81 Posts: 1,189
5/6/13 6:03 A

I alternate between squats and wall pushups; every other day; whenever I find an opportunity.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
Fitness Minutes: (31,253)
Posts: 867
5/5/13 10:01 P

Two little things I can think of that I do. First, I only use our upstairs bathroom, even though we have one on the lower level of our house. (And I always jog up the stairs.) And second, when I'm getting gas, I do step-ups on the step at the pump while the gas is pumping.

TOBESTRONGER SparkPoints: (1,496)
Fitness Minutes: (1,221)
Posts: 39
5/5/13 6:10 P

I work out at the gym for 30 minutes. then i come home and get my dogs and go for a 30 minute walk so i can tire them out. then i do things around the house. Like gardening and pulling weeds.. and weeds.. and weeds. Picking up after my dogs in the yard, vacuuming and dusting. doing laundry. I live in a tri level house so I am always climbing stairs. I try not to stay seated for long! and Boy do i sleep at night!!

PEEJMA SparkPoints: (41,414)
Fitness Minutes: (36,948)
Posts: 79
5/5/13 2:03 P

I get up from my desk and take a walk as often as possible and always offer to go to colleagues offices' instead of having them come to mine. I fidget a lot and try to stand instead of sit when it's appropriate.

TRYATRI SparkPoints: (23,457)
Fitness Minutes: (17,963)
Posts: 154
5/5/13 1:21 P

I also try to take the stairs whenever possible and walk as quickly as possible from place to place.

JSTETSER SparkPoints: (282,764)
Fitness Minutes: (179,055)
Posts: 10,091
5/5/13 6:15 A

Foot raises. I always go up on my toes to strengthen my feet.

5/5/13 2:07 A

I always park at the far end of parking lots. Walmart lots are huge. I then walk as quickly as I can. A busy day of errands and this simple change can really add up. emoticon

JAYDEE1211 SparkPoints: (30,040)
Fitness Minutes: (23,010)
Posts: 62
5/5/13 12:39 A

The power of ten (minutes that is!). I have struggled with maintaining an exercise program my entire life but I can do 10 minutes. Now I am up to 2 x 10 minutes blocks everyday. Yay!

BEEZAUR SparkPoints: (525)
Fitness Minutes: (1,740)
Posts: 74
5/5/13 12:36 A

Reel lawn mower. They don't need tuneups, do a great job, and I can hear my cell ring while I'm mowing.

FLANAGANSH SparkPoints: (6,424)
Fitness Minutes: (5,443)
Posts: 133
5/5/13 12:27 A

I take the stairs just about everywhere I go,

AK28STAR Posts: 837
5/4/13 2:37 P

What is your favorite way to squeeze in extra movement (and thus extra calorie burning) into your day?

I like to be moving at all times, even when I'm sitting down or driving I am moving in some way, even if its just tapping my foot.

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