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3/5/13 6:42 A

Strength training works your muscles at close to their maximum potential, generally in a very slow and controlled way.

Sprinting is about working your muscles as fast as they can.

The two are really quite different components of exercise, and are not substitutes for each other.

Any good exercise program will involve some dedicated strength training, and there is no way around that.


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3/4/13 11:27 P

The most effective form of muscle development is to overload the muscle with high resistance such that you can't do more than around 10 reps.

Ever sprinted only 10 steps?

Sprinting is not a 'better' form of lower body exercise. It is a great workout, and will help with muscle development, but not as much as actual strength training will.

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3/4/13 8:59 P

Sprinting can be a useful cardio exercise that involves the heart & lower extremities.
I'm not sure how it would replace actual strength training that focuses on challenging & strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, etc??

I liked the info. presented in P.A.C.E. regarding long "haul" cardio or short term (all done in 30 min or less.)
This is NOT meant to be an advertisement, but info. that I've used to replace what I do.

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3/4/13 8:49 P


Sprinting is a great workout, and while you are building some muscle strength and endurance, it is not a replacement for doing lower body resistance training. Not only does resistance training help with muscle growth but it also helps with our connective tissue as well as muscle stability and mobility.

Coach Nancy

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3/4/13 7:27 P

I was talking to someone that claimed sprinting is actually a better lower body exercise
than traditional exercises like squats/lunges/deadlifts. Do you think sprints are effective enough to replace those exercises?

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