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3/31/14 8:24 P


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I used a butter bell. I didn't love it so when it got a crack, I went back to a traditional glass butter dish. I don't have AC so in the summer it would often fall out of the crock when I lifted it. :D If you can't use it up in a week, just put out half (or quarter) of a stick.

Some people will blend butter and grapeseed oil to keep it soft in the fridge.

Even bad butter won't make you sick, it would just smell and taste weird. So I'd just leave it out and covered.

3/31/14 4:27 P

I just keep my butter (stick) on the counter in a glass butter dish. When it's time to put a new stick out, it comes from the fridge, but once in the butter dish it stays on the counter till finished, it has never gone bad, and even when it's hot out, it doesn't melt.

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3/30/14 5:05 P


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3/30/14 11:30 A

I mix butter with olive oil. I mix olive oil with peanut butter, too - so much olive oil in the peanut butter that I drizzle it on bread instead of spreading it!

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3/30/14 10:22 A

Yes, butter bells work magnificently. I'm not sure why the PP thinks it won't. REAL butter doesn't go rancid if it's protected from air. Or, if it does, it takes a *long* time to do so (no butter lasts that long here!). I live in FL, and we have no problem at all. The butter stays in its section very well, so it's not like it's going to slide out or anything.

Glass butter dishes are okay, but the butter tends to disfigure more on a dish. The heavy crock and cool water seems to keep the butter in a bell more solid.

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3/30/14 10:13 A

I am on the hunt for a glass butter dish since I am working towards getting rid of all the plastic in my house. I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they wanted 25.99 for it so I think garage sales might be the place for me to go.

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I use a French butter dish...just like the Butter Bell described below. Works like a charm! The butter never goes rancid and is always spreadable. You've said it won't work for you, but for others reading this, I highly recommend trying one!

My mother always keeps a small amount of butter in one of the cupboards. She puts it in a glass bowl covered in plastic wrap. Butter does not go bad quickly out of the fridge if it is kept away from light, air and heat.

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3/30/14 6:58 A

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you can grate butter, or sometimes I'll put in the microwave for 5 seconds.

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We just store it in an airtight container at room temp.

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3/29/14 11:20 P

Thank you for the info.

I think a Butter Bell would not work. Any other ideas?

I have heard that it there is a way to keep refrigerated butter soft. How?

Also, what type of butter containers do you use?

3/29/14 9:56 P

It's wonderful on intothenew's Jewish Rye and Pumpernickel, but that's another thread.

That's well water, for better or worse. Change the water every three days, the butter is consumed within the week. You can buy them local here.

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3/29/14 8:53 P

Those containers are called "butter bells".
They're basically crocks: you pack the butter into the *upper* part, put a small amount of water in the lower part, and upend the buttered top into the lower one. They don't have to be refrigerated because the butter isn't exposed to air: it's submerged in water.

You can find them on Amazon and probably eBay. You might even be able to find one at a flea market, since many people have never heard of one and may not know what they have.

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3/29/14 8:40 P

Those are the only ones I know of. If I am flipping through a catalog and see something I will let you know.

My parents always get those country style catalogs

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3/29/14 7:52 P

MAND: I've checked into those. I think they work for households in cooler climates and for those that use butter often. emoticon

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3/29/14 7:46 P

There is a butter container that supposedly you can keep out on the counter. And it is supposed to keep butter soft. And keep it from going bad.

You could probably find it in the Miles Kimball catalog or Vermont Country Store. I don't know what it is called

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3/29/14 7:38 P

I have heard that it there is a way to keep refrigerated butter soft. How?

Also, what type of butter containers do you use? We currently are using a round, plastic, covered container. Could use a bit of improvement, eh? emoticon

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