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3/4/13 8:46 A

Did you self-diagnose this "mild" sprain, and have you talked to your doctor about your plans?

Honestly, I would be annoyed, but I would not do the 5k. It sucks having an injury, but trying to run a week after an ankle injury without medical care would be enough to destroy my ankle and make it much, much worse.

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3/3/13 9:18 P

I sprained my ankle 8 days before a marathon, and I got physiotherapy on it and didn't even have to tape it up on race day.

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3/3/13 8:54 P

I've had ankle issues for most of my life. I find it easiest to do low to no impact exercises and non-weight bearing exercises. I'd recommend cycling, depending on how much mobility you have, and possibly the elliptical. I would definitely stay away from running, jump roping or anything high impact like that until you're sure you are completely healed. I've found high impact exercises are one of the quickest ways to backpedal a recovery. Hope this helps and good luck!

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3/3/13 12:00 P

I have a 5K in one week, and was clumsy enough to fall down a few stairs yesterday and mildly sprain my ankle (and my pride, but that's a different story!). I perform just about every cardio known to man when I'm in the gym except swimming (no access to a pool), including cycling, jump roping, running, Stairmaster, AMT, etc. I want to continue cardio training in anticipation of my 5K, but don't want to worsen my injury (it's very mild--I can put weight on it, and RICEd it). From some of the forms of cardio I've mentioned, which do you think would exacerbate my injury the least?

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