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3/23/14 2:16 P

" May even try the bike, but not sure that's a good idea yet. "

Uhh, no. No weight bearing exercise until your doctor's cleared you.

I sprained my ankle in 2008. I did get a doctor's care; I still have issues. I'd strongly recommend physical therapy after you're healed. Don't just "try" to stay off of it... DO. Every step you take on that before it's ready is one that will likely delay healing and exacerbate the injury.

Don't put yourself at risk of long-term injury out of impatience! Weight loss comes from diet anyway, so focus on eating, rather than the exercise you think you MUST do.

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3/22/14 10:36 A

Thanks for the feedback. My doctor didn't really give me a timeframe, but he did call it a bad sprain at one point. Got an X-ray done and it's not broken. It happened on Wednesday, today is Saturday and it's still swollen, and there's a bruise along the sole of my foot below my ankle, so I guess it'll be a rather lengthy recovery. I am trying my best to stay off it - being a busy mom, that's hard, but it'll give me a chance to read. As it happens my computer is broken too, but that will likely be fixed sooner than my ankle. I am still going to the gym starting Monday, but I will do exercises that don't put weight on my ankle. Anything upper body and some leg machines will work. May even try the bike, but not sure that's a good idea yet.

Thanks for all your feedback :) emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,404
3/21/14 3:30 P

"Can anyone let me know an approximate time frame for healing?"

A few days to a few months.
What did your doctor tell you? He/she would be the only one able to asses the severity.

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3/21/14 2:45 P

Hi, Rita !

It really does depend on how severe the sprain is. Is your ankle swollen ? if so, definitely put an ice pack on it to reduce the swelling. Try to stay off your feet as best you can. avoid any exercise to give your ankle a chance to rest. See how it feels in 3-4 days. If everything feels okay, slowly ease back into your exercise routine with some swimming or walking. If your ankle doesn't feel right after 3-4 days of rest/ice, give your doctor a call.

Zumba is a low impact activity, BUT you'd be surprised to learn that lots of people do end up with injuries. I know 2 instructors who've both had to lay off teaching while they recovered from hip joint injuries.

You can read more about Zumba injuries and their rise here.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
3/21/14 11:01 A

I would get it checked out. I sprained my ankle 3 years ago, didn't get it checked out and am still fighting issues.

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3/21/14 12:54 A

Actually it really depends on many things like how badly you sprained it and how much you rest and ice it, etc. A sprain can be worse than a break it really is individual. I know the more you baby it now the better and quicker you will heal. Good luck, I am in the same boat I just found out I have been walking on a broken leg for over a month. I am suppose to sit for 3 mths. Not gonna happen probably.

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3/20/14 9:52 P

anything from 2 days - 6 weeks+ has been my experience.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,814
3/20/14 9:09 P

You should really speak to your doctor regarding this. We can't provide medical advice because it may cause more harm than good.

FITMOMMY1836 SparkPoints: (17,744)
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3/20/14 8:26 P

Hello. I sprained my ankle yesterday doing Zumba of all things. Can anyone let me know an approximate time frame for healing? Perhaps this is the push I needed to break into more alternative cardio, such as swimming, but I really like being agile and quick on my feet. Thankfully I did my leg day at the beginning of the week.

Thanks emoticon


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