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2/7/13 10:33 A

I never bought any squares, so I was often the one to pick the numbers (which was done with a deck of cards)

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2/7/13 8:22 A

No not my thing.

2/7/13 7:24 A

I used to always participate in buying squares. I liked the ones where someone would win every quarter. Never could figure out how to pick teams or play the pools with point spreads however. We weren't allowed pools at the hospital where I worked. It was gambling which was against policy.

2/7/13 7:14 A

Me neither but I was convinced that picking Super Bowl squares didn't require any knowledge about sports at all let alone the teams playing. So I asked if I could pick a 4 and a 7 and I got laughed at. Appearantly ALL the squares are picked and filled first and THEN the numbers are plugged in at random after all 100 squares are filled. I then replied, "...but how do you what numbers you're gonna get when you don't know what they are yet?"


Before any answered I gave them $10 for two squares. I didn't win anything last week but a woman at work who professes to hate ALL sports won $300 for the final score.


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2/7/13 7:07 A

I don't know enough about sports to even hazard a guess

2/7/13 6:42 A

Do you ever participate in sports polls at work? Examples are like Super Bowl Squares or March Madness tournaments?

I'm talking about the low-risk kind like $5 maximum and such not the macho-macho $100 per square or page of picks kind, those are ridiculous!

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