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12/28/13 10:13 A

We have an SP article about selecting a meal replacement/energy bar.
Check out the criteria and examples provided.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
12/28/13 8:08 A

A blueberry Special K bar has sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Most Breakfast bars do and you would be better off eating 30 almonds.

It's easy to grab a hard boiled egg when on the run...cook some in advance and refrigerate....Eggs have lots of vitamins

A low-carb, grab-and-go breakfast option is Eggology's On-The-Go egg white can microwave the container and gobble it up in seconds on on your way...

An apple, with 2 slices of rye toast with some peanut butter will help keep you full until lunch time.

An apple with a small container of Fage 0% plain yogurt

Just some ideas that can give you variety and varied nutrition.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (200,416)
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12/27/13 10:19 P

Special K products always leave me feeling more hungry. I think it's better than skipping breakfast, but I would combine it with a yogurt or piece of fruit like an apple.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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12/27/13 9:11 P

Well you know it's not the best possible choice nutritionally, but as to whether it's going to set you back? No, not if it's working well for you so far, you're staying within your calories without much trouble, and so on. If that changes, you know what to do.

CASEMA3285 Posts: 15
12/27/13 8:50 P

Thanks for answering everyone.

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12/27/13 7:07 P

Well, eating more whole and minimally processed foods gets you more satiety for your nutrition buck. Most Special K products are pretty high in carbs, so if you happen to be sensitive to carbs, this could slow you down, depending on what you eat for the rest of the day. While eating a Special K bar isn't the end of the world, you might want to switch those products out for something better down the road.

You can cook old-fashioned oatmeal in the microwave in two minutes. It takes almost no time at all to throw yogurt or cottage cheese and some fruit in a bowl for breakfast. Sometimes real food isn't that hard to just have to decide that you want to make that (minimal) effort.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/27/13 3:45 P

i think that you have to make the best choice you can in the situation, whatever that situation happens to be. if having a special k bar is something that fits within the rest of what you eat to make up a complete and balanced diet, then so be it. especially if you find it easier than making your own bars, batch cooking things like oatmeal that you would just need to heat and eat, having a sandwich or leftovers from dinner, or keeping other grab and go things [hard boiled eggs, yogurt, granola, prepped fruits and veggies] on hand instead. personally i always have some type of granola bar getting crushed at the bottom of my bag along with some individually packed fruits or fruit snacks and nuts. granted, i have to buy a box or two about once a month so that tells you how often i actually use that option. but it's well worth it for when i do need it.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/27/13 3:39 P

People eat what they choose or can afford to. Nothing wrong with processed foods, all foods are processed to some degree, such as plant based juices that are processed into something that looks like milk, sprayed on vitamins to enhance nutrition, chemicals and waxes sprayed on produce to keep it fresh looking longer, etc. It would be difficult to consume all foods in their natural state. I enjoy Special K along with other reduced calorie cereals and bars.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
12/27/13 3:34 P

I'm sure you're going to get a ton of recommendations on what you can substitute, so I'll just go with your original question.

I don't think it's bad if you can stay in your calorie range. If you are hungry in the a.m., it's better than not eating, then "pigging out" during lunch.

The choice to eat (or not eat) processed foods is a personal one, and that decision has to fit into your lifestyle.

If you have decided to not eat processed foods, yet mornings are the one time you really have to rely on something due to time constraints, and otherwise you are doing well, please don't beat yourself up about it. More important is, how is your overall day going?

And hey, a Special K bar is a lot better than stopping at Krispy Kreme on the way to work :)

CASEMA3285 Posts: 15
12/27/13 3:05 P

So I keep hearing processed foods is a no-no but when I'm short on time (which is all the time), Special K saves me.

Is this ok when in trying to lose weight? Like this morning, I had a blueberry breakfast bar and lots of water. It's either I eat that bar or I'm not eating at all until lunchtime when I can get away from the office.

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