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COACH_TANYA Posts: 3,815
7/16/13 10:03 A

Unfortunately the SparkPeople app will not work for SparkTeens. So, if you are under 18 years of age, you have to check in through your computer.

Coach Tanya

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
7/16/13 2:40 A

I honestly didn't know that SparkTeens even existed. I tried to check it out but I can't register since I'm not a teen, and I got an error when I tried to use the links for parents and teachers to learn more.

So...assuming that SparkTeens and SparkPeople use similar programs (which they probably do), you could pretty easily use the SP app instead. Just make sure that if you do, you set your SP range to match that given to you by SparkTeens rather than that given by SparkPeople, if they are different. I know that the pregnancy site uses different equations for calculating ranges, for obvious reasons, and a teen site might do the same.

I still use the free version of the SP app that I downloaded a few years ago, but I think it's off the market now and you have to pay a few dollars for the new one. The new one is a lot prettier and has more features, but the old one still does the basics. Half of the time I just use my phone's browser so I can access everything.

ETA: I googled "SparkTeens app" and got a link to this:
nswer.asp?id=117 . It talks about the SparkPeople app but appears to be located in the FAQ at SparkTeens, which indicates to me that there is no app dedicated specifically to the teen site.

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SNOOPYLVR21 Posts: 2
7/15/13 10:29 P

Is there a spark teen app? a reason I feel that i have a hard time keeping up with this diet program is because getting on an actual computer for me durring the week is practically imposible. Is there one in the making? Can i use the spark PEOPLE app? HELP?

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