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3/1/12 4:15 P

Thank you!

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3/1/12 2:29 P

Nutrition facts on packages are "as packaged" ie uncooked, unless otherwise specified. Nutrition facts in the database are "as eaten" ie cooked, unless otherwise specified. Kind of a pain sometimes.

You can also use information from NutritionData and enter them manually. They list cooked and uncooked values. As long as you track the same way as you measure, you can use both in different scenarios. For instance, if you have a recipe where you add dried beans and won't be able to separate the beans for weighing once they are cooked (such as in a bean soup), measure and track them dry when figuring out the recipe. If you're doing the beans alone and can easily measure them once they are cooked without other ingredients intermingling, measure and track them cooked.

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I think most of the bean entries are for cooked.
A 1/2 cup portion of cooked bean will have about:
110-120 calories
20 grams carbohydrate
7-8 grams protein

You can use this info as a cross reference.

Dietitian Becky

3/1/12 12:03 P

Hi - I am creating some recipes using dried beans. Are the beans in the food database here for cooked or dried? I have a feeling that it is for cooked just going by the calories per serving I am getting back from my reciepes, but does anyone know for sure?


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