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11/23/10 3:47 P

haha this makes me laugh!:)

11/23/10 2:12 P

I can not wait to spend money on smaller jeans and tank tops :) great post . emoticon

11/23/10 1:29 P

What a fantastic post! I'm looking forward to having a thinner wallet because the thinner me needs new CUTE clothes!

Thank you for the smile today :)

MYRNA929 Posts: 541
11/23/10 1:21 P

Absolutely loved your post. Congratulations and I so truly agree with you. When I was able to fit into my size 6 dresses my daughter said: "Mom that's not in style anymore" yikes, gotta go shopping. Yep it costs quite a bit

PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
11/23/10 1:13 P

I just BRISTLED when I read the title of your post... then read it and laughed and had to agree! OK, I've only gone from a 2X to a 14, but I hope to keep on going, and will be enjoying buying those smaller sized. I have made some friends very happy with my hand-me-downs - some with tags still on them - but now they can't fit into the latest ones. Guess they need to think about SparkPeople, too! Congrats on your success, and keep on needing those new clothes!!!

BLESSED2BEME Posts: 10,143
11/23/10 12:21 P

I can't think of a better "free" program to spend money on than my health! Yay for all the success here!

MSKIZ69 SparkPoints: (475,412)
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Posts: 4,160
11/23/10 11:53 A

This was hilarious--and very inspiring!!! emoticon

11/23/10 9:28 A

2nd hand stores/bargain stores have been a lifesaver for me! I bought 12 brand name tops (polo, calvin K., etc) for $45. Not too shabby!

I made the mistake of going to retail stores and buying smaller clothes...only to have them too big for me in a few weeks and I couldn't return them. The only thing I buy retail now are pants,'s just too damn hard to find pants I like. lol

11/23/10 8:48 A

Ha ha! Awesome!

I've already had to downsize in the jeans department - size 18 - 14. fortunately, I saved a lot of my size 14s and I have a ready-made wardrobe! It's going to a size 12 that will really break the bank!

11/23/10 5:14 A

I shop at Goodwill and second hand stores for clothes. Good quality clothes at bargain prices- $25.00 will buy you a wardrobe, especially if you shop the sales.

Then when I lose additional weight I donate them back and buy a new wardrobe. It's a great option for those of us losing weight and budgeting with a limited income.

The only clothing I buy new are underwear and socks.

DISNEYPARIS SparkPoints: (0)
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11/23/10 4:32 A

emoticon It's worth every cent (or penny as we say here in the UK).
It's much more fun buying new smaller size clothes than having to buy clothes in a bigger size if the small ones in your wardrobe don't fit any more.

SNOWFLAKE29 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/23/10 2:22 A

This is the best post ever. I love your sense of humor and perspective. I am really looking forward to getting to that point. I had to buy a winter coat in South Korea and I actually fit into a Korean extra large,how awesome is that!!!!!!! I'm totally proud of myself and I feel joy every time I put the coat on.

CHAKA1709 Posts: 314
11/23/10 1:53 A

Yay for weight loss and being able to wear clothes that before you never thought you would wear in public

HIKENY Posts: 17
11/22/10 10:10 P

wonderful post thanks for the incentive, it is great yesterday I had to exchange a skirt because it was too big I wanted to grab the loud speaker and tell the world I am so tired of having to feel embarassed when I used to return everything because they were too small or I looked like a sausage in them. A great way to spend money

LOVESTODJ SparkPoints: (11,893)
Fitness Minutes: (10,199)
Posts: 311
11/22/10 9:55 P

I'm looking forward to buying clothes in your average store. I won't miss the over-priced plus-sized stores.

ITSALWAYSABTME SparkPoints: (45,408)
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Posts: 1,044
11/22/10 9:43 P

I WISH I could get to the point where I have to buy clothes. in smaller sizes that is :(

JUSTASEC SparkPoints: (3,218)
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Posts: 18
11/22/10 8:54 P

Great message!

MISSILLA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 77
11/22/10 8:07 P

lol keep up the good work

MEGHANBWHOLE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 92
11/22/10 7:40 P

lol!!!! thats funny! Im happy for u cant wait to get to that point :-)

DAVEINSEOUL SparkPoints: (37,213)
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Posts: 1,113
11/22/10 6:19 P

Great post - too funny!

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (225,304)
Fitness Minutes: (84,307)
Posts: 7,170
11/22/10 6:00 P

Very funny!

B3Y0NDM3 Posts: 387
11/22/10 4:19 P


CRUISEGUY SparkPoints: (36,165)
Fitness Minutes: (24,716)
Posts: 2,619
11/22/10 2:02 P

I hear you! I've lost over 40 pounds and gone down a couple sizes in pants. Nothing fits any more. So far I have refused to buy new clothes when I know that they will only fit for a few weeks. I've been scrounging through old clothes in the closet to find those smaller items that were buried.

This will only work for a few more weeks though. Then I will be forced to start going out and buying some new clothes. So far went from a 48/50 down to 40/42, and from 2XL/3XL down to XL.

And you're right about the sneakers. They used to last over a year being worn nearly every day. Now they only last about 3 or 4 months because of all the walking.

Don't forget how much fresh produce and other healthy foods cost compared to pre-packaged food, fast food, and snack foods!

MCLAFLIN SparkPoints: (28,216)
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Posts: 1,161
11/22/10 12:21 P

I, too, loved your post. I can't wait till I have to tell my husband that he is gonna need to spend some money on new clothes for me. emoticon

JOHNNIEGIRL0612 Posts: 389
11/22/10 11:32 A

Congrats on needing smaller and smaller! When it's time to donate your bigger clothes, please take them to your local police station so they can pass them on to a women's shelter. They often get women and children coming in with only the clothes on their backs and it's harder for them to come up with plus size clothes. emoticon

JCWATL SparkPoints: (43,640)
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Posts: 707
11/22/10 9:50 A

What a great way to put it!

My seamtress said "oh, so skinny!" when I brought her the same pair of pants for the 2nd time this year. They just fall off now!

Can I have jeans taken in? I didn't wear them when they fit because they felt uncomfortable and now that I want to wear them I can take them off without unbuttoning!

SMULLER73 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,041)
Posts: 7
11/22/10 4:09 A

It feels great to get into smaller sizes (even if the wallet doesn't agree) fabulous acheivement well done.
Does anybody have the trouble i have going shopping for smaller sizes. I actually don't know what to buy. I was so used to just getting whatever fits and covers up all the wobbly bits that I don't know how to shop anymore. Have gone home empty handed a few times as I can't decide what I like and what will suit me.
I think I need the "what not to wear" crew to help me out. Although it could have something to do with the aweful 80's revival that appears to be going on in South African stores at the moment. What's with all the loose and baggy and shapeless tops? I have a waist now I want fitted grrrrrr.

KROLLA4 Posts: 90
11/22/10 1:14 A

So is worth it.

11/21/10 11:14 P

oh, no, these were truly tapered - wide at the hips, skinny at the ankle, pleats at the waistline. Atrocious.


Makes me want to run out and get a "Rachel" haircut.

Wait. No it doesn't. Not at all.

KATJAMES17 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 450
11/21/10 11:10 P

Tapered leg jeans? I believe they call those "skinny" jeans! And I see the whole "rolling up the leg on your jeans" thing has made a comeback. Maybe the hypercolor shirt will too? emoticon

11/21/10 11:06 P

Oh yeah - and I found a pair of toe socks, too. Totally awesome. They have moved to the top drawer.

11/21/10 11:03 P

During the great closet purge, I found several items that fit once again. Unfortunately, wearing a prom dress to work is not an option.

Other items on the "it fits, but I won't wear THAT again" list: tapered leg jeans, a hypercolor t-shirt (yeah, I'm that old), another t-shirt that said "Hey Pee Wee, button your fly!" (that was a train wreck, wasn't it?), some hideous blouse that had a vest sewn right on it, a shirt from a Pearl Jam concert and a renaissance fair costume. That sums up a life pretty well, doesn't it?

The amazing thing is... why did I move these things - from my parents house, to college, to my apartment, to a house and finally to another house, some for as long as 20 years? If that isn't faith in yourself, I don't know what it!

MYSTERY4EVER Posts: 3,587
11/21/10 10:01 P

What a wonderful post. I had a pair of pants outgrow me before I could wear them. Fortunately, I could return them. But this is so worth it. Thanks for the laugh.

KATJAMES17 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,282)
Posts: 450
11/21/10 9:59 P

Oh, and! Why didn't anybody warn me my feet would shrink? I had a closet full of expensive shoes in size 9 and now I've gone down to a 7 1/2.

KATJAMES17 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,282)
Posts: 450
11/21/10 9:58 P

Hilarious! I love it :)

I'm trying to hold off on buying anything new until after the new year, but I'm already down to 1 pair of stretch jeans that feel baggy after they've been on for 5 minutes! I have to keep washing them after each wearing so they'll shrink up again, but the shrinking isn't keeping up with MY shrinking--and that's despite the scale being stuck.

JACKSMIMI2 Posts: 676
11/21/10 1:42 P

I agree with multiple others...this is one of the best posts there is!!! Too funny Miss Fashionista!

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (466,522)
Fitness Minutes: (137,364)
Posts: 35,729
11/21/10 12:52 P

emoticon it is so much fun to spend money on smaller sizes

11/21/10 12:29 P

Can't wait to spend money on new clothes! emoticon

LIZA_JD Posts: 466
11/21/10 11:59 A

emoticon Love this post!!! It's so true. emoticon on all your weight loss - it's quite an accomplishment!!!

KERANTHOMPSON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45,292)
Posts: 2,417
11/21/10 11:43 A

Hands down one of the best posts I have read ... congrats on your weight loss it feels great getting into those smaller clothes

DWROBERGE Posts: 366,920
11/21/10 10:07 A

I agree to a point having gone from3X to XL and have a new wardrobe now. But it is great.

SYNERGY2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,025)
Posts: 202
11/21/10 9:17 A

Ha ha good post!

LORIENA2 Posts: 58
11/21/10 8:14 A

Woo Hoo!! I HATE going shopping when I'm larger and LOVE it when I'm smaller. Spending money on clothes is better than spending money on Hagen Daas!

TIAMARIA128 Posts: 59
11/21/10 6:46 A

Love this!

I know what you mean. I just spent $100 on new clothes yesterday. But if I had to choose between having a million dollars and being healthy, I would choose being healthy. Can't wait until I can buy a size 4!!!

Edited by: TIAMARIA128 at: 11/21/2010 (06:46)
GRAMMIE1959 Posts: 2,135
11/21/10 12:34 A


FITFOREVER30 Posts: 135
11/20/10 9:06 P

I love this post! Congrats!

ANOTHERMOMOF2 Posts: 4,473
11/20/10 8:42 P

Yea but what a fun way to break the budget emoticon

WEEDLADY Posts: 523
11/20/10 8:42 P


PINKCOUTURE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,260)
Posts: 205
11/20/10 8:35 P

So humorous I love it!! Congrats on your achievements! emoticon

11/20/10 7:16 P

They say SparkPeople is free, but I've realized that it's the most expensive weight-loss plan out there. Do you people realize how costly it is to keep buying smaller clothes?!?

This is unfair! I had an entire wardrobe in a size 18/XL. I have had to buy 16's, 14's, 12's, 10's, 8's, 6's and now 4's??? There's only so far you can have clothes taken in - at some point, the pockets in the back touch.

And the cost of sneakers! You know, those things wear out when you actually RUN in them... they lasted a lot longer when they only went from the couch to the refrigerator.

I will admit, I do save money by not buying and eating things that end in "-ito".

Maybe I'll make up the cost of Sparkpeople down the line, when I save all that money on the blood pressure medication, cholesterol lowering drugs and diabetic supplies that I'm less likely to need now. For the present time, this is really a budget buster.

(It's worth it, though!)

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