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12/16/13 3:03 P

Thanks; that was very helpful! :)

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/16/13 2:40 P

1. delete the incorrect entry from your favorites.
2. go to the sparkrecipes site. on the top right you will see
my recipes
and when you mouse over it you'll see
my recipe box
click on that link and you can see every recipe you have entered and beside it the options to share, subscribe, edit and delete. select edit, adjust your recipe and save. you may want to save it with an asterisk or a title that indicates that you have edited it. otherwise you could have two entries with the same name in your favorites [should work it you deleted the incorrect one, but i have two black olive and cauliflower pot pies in mine.]. then you just follow the same prompts to get it back into your tracker.

and this may be a silly thing to ask, but if it's just a different portion size than you thought, you can do a little math and not change the recipe. in other words, say your soup was supposed to make 8 half cup servings. and you decided to eat a full cup as a serving instead, so there would only be four total servings. just enter two of the half cup servings and call it good til the next time you make it.

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Fitness Minutes: (11,473)
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12/16/13 11:30 A

Thanks for your reply. I followed those suggestions and had to actually add it to my nutrition tracker (and then delete it) to get it to become part of my favorites. In the process, I see that the calories, serving size and number of servings are wrong. How can I edit them?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/15/13 6:41 P

Go to the page that has the nutrition info for your recipe. Right under the part that looks just like the label on packaged food you should see a link to add te recipe to your tracker. Click on it and follow the prompts just like you would add any other food to your tracker. Once you have added it one time you will be able to get to the recipe from the regular add a food page.

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12/15/13 5:07 P

Hello, all! I just entered my first recipe into SparkRecipes and expected to find it in, but to my disappointment, I can't find it--Karen's Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Casserole (by DMD-MO). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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