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ANNESYLVIA SparkPoints: (205,791)
Fitness Minutes: (106,126)
Posts: 11,637
6/18/11 9:13 A

Okay, thanks but I think I will pass for now..

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
6/18/11 8:52 A


I am not sure if new quizzes are planned, but you can reset your quizzes and take them again by going to your account/email preferences from your start page and scrolling to the "Reset Points" section and making that selection.

I hope this helps!

ANNESYLVIA SparkPoints: (205,791)
Fitness Minutes: (106,126)
Posts: 11,637
6/18/11 7:46 A

Will there be more quizes added anytime soon?

I am just wondering because I have taken them all awhile ago. I go back every so often to check and see if there are any new ones but no such luck.

I miss taking SP quizes!


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