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J2740LOU SparkPoints: (325,086)
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2/21/14 8:11 P

It's listed on the "my SparkPoints" page.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (597,332)
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2/21/14 6:47 P

Spark Radio is back and I love Bettina.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
2/21/14 3:13 P

SP Stepfanie, thank you for writing,

For me the reason that I like SP is because it creates a sense of community, whereby you are in contact with like minded people and keep in contact with them.

We are encouraged to listen to the radio, so I am surprised that Lily and Karen's leaving has just been brushed over and all we hear that someone new has taken over. I do not doubt that Bettina is a wonderful SP member but so were Lily and Karen.

Even when presenters leave a show, we at least hear that it is their last show.
Not even to have heard them say goodbye is sad

Would you do the same for coach Nicole if she decided to move on?

2/21/14 1:53 P

Hi, everyone.
Thanks for your comments. As you've heard, SparkPeople Radio has undergone some changes in the last few months. Though Lily and Karen have moved on, we are happy with the job they did for us. We can't always share details of situations like this publicly, but we definitely wish them the best in reaching their goals and are thankful for their work in helping SP members.
We ask that you continue to listen--our new host Bettina is passionate about healthy living and is a member of SparkPeople (as well as a part of the team). Though we have a new voice for SparkPeople Radio, it will continue to be the positive and motivating show you know and love. Please give Bettina a warm welcome and continue to support the show.

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SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
2/21/14 5:17 A

sorry do you mean the new spark radio with Bettina or the original with Lily and Karen?

BETRHO48 Posts: 15,646
2/20/14 10:19 P

love the programming

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
2/20/14 3:53 P

Does anyone know why Lily is no longer presenting Spark Radio?

10/28/13 6:18 A

I really love this feature. Looking forward to using it more and more this winter.

BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
10/22/13 2:46 P

I just recently started to listen to it. It can be very motivating, so I am glad it is still available.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
10/22/13 1:08 P


10/22/13 12:01 P

I love listening to Karen and Lily!
Amazing valuable tips and pointers. And I love the interviews with real SPARKERS!

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/22/13 8:52 A

read my previous post, 2 down from you, that tells you where to find it.

10/21/13 9:19 P

I can't find it either. The least they could do when they're making massive changes like this is to give us a 'SP for Dummies' page so we can at least navigate through all the changes a little easier!!

10/21/13 6:20 P

Thank You! emoticon

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/21/13 5:57 P

You can access through sparkpoints or find it under Articles & Videos.

10/21/13 3:56 P

I was able to access spark radio from my old start page..can't find it now.Wondering if they did away with it?

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