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JCRAFT6 Posts: 739
10/5/11 9:23 A

I would love to help. I think I am in the need of the same think. I tried on my own but just cant do it. I need to lose 50 pounds. If you want to be buddies I am willing to give it a try

JENNYMCCARTHY88 SparkPoints: (13,010)
Fitness Minutes: (14,050)
Posts: 205
10/5/11 9:18 A

Im looking for someone reliable on spark people who is willing to annoy me everyday and motivate me to achieve my goal of losing 30 lbs.. Im seriously in need of someone. I tried this alone and I just cant keep motivated. I have to find someone willing to help on a serious journey. If you would be willing to message me daily to keep me accountable I think I could do this. I need major help please :(

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