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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
2/11/14 9:48 P

Realistically, celebrations and love are so intertwined with food - it's a deep-down psychological desire to want to feed people when we care for them and when things are going well. Even with everything we've learned, that won't change! And that's part of living, it SHOULDN'T change!

I love that Spark listed good healthy options, because if your Valentine's tradition is bacon and chocolate chips pancakes, a poached egg in a heart shape is a great alternative.

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2/11/14 11:08 A

I get what you're saying. It gets to be a mixed message until you read the article. It's a good enough idea, but the title should have been tweaked. Something like "Say I love you with Healthy Food!"

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,446
2/11/14 10:15 A

emoticon with YELLOWDAHLIA
Feeding someone a great meal with Healthy Options is a great way to "Say I Love You".

2/11/14 10:13 A

I'm a vegan so I would say I love you with veggies and fruit. emoticon emoticon

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2/11/14 10:09 A

I think there's a difference between saying I love you with a cookie and saying I love you with a poached egg....just sayin..

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2/11/14 10:07 A

When I logged in this morning -- I saw Spark People Article -- "Say I Love You with Food" - with a photo of a poached egg in the shape of a heart.

I thought it was kinda funny cause...
-- "Say I Love You with Food" can be part of the problem...... starting when we are little kids

just sayin


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